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San Diego State opens football preseason camp on Friday.
They will likely practice in 100-degree temperatures that afternoon.
Torrid heat, but but maybe not as hot as the heat on Brady Hoke if he cannot turn around SDSU’s slides.

He faces a massive challenge, fixing the QB mess that wrecked last season, finding 3-new starters in the offensive line, replacing 3-defensive line starters who have graduated.

The schedule is fierce, but State plays UCLA-Boise-Fresno-Nevada all at Snapdragon Stadium.  They need to make the new stadium a real home field advantage.

Last year was last year, but there is no doubt the program sagged last year, in the midst of QB injuries, QB-defections, the Matt Araiza mess and a dropoff in attendance at the shiny new stadium.

There has been no offer from the Pac 12-about membership.  They are tied for two more seasons in the Mountain West.

But the new year has brought record setting QB-Ryan Lindley home, as the new offensive coordinator.  3-changes to the coaching staff. The importation of a series of potential starters in the Transfer portal that can, must make a difference.  And an older QB finally given the starting job.

It’s a strange feel at SDSU.  Hoke is (38-26) in 5-years as head coach over two stints, and yet the road has been rocky, the covid season, playing 2-years on the road without a home stadium, and the off the field issues.

Bounce back year needed..for the coach..the program..the alumni too.

Highlites from Hoke’s preseason press conference:

Brady Hoke:

Really good summer of work with new coaches
We have to finish developing all these young players

My job foster and develop players and as men also in everyday life
Have not won MWC title since 2016 work to be done

Adam Hall is one of best strength coach in country-he pushes our guys
Believe coaching changes will add to our staff
Kurt Maddox is best coach I have ever coached with as coordinator
Excited about Ryan Lindley-it is his offense

From what Lindley did as a quarterback now-blossomed of knowledge of game

This is young team..5-returning starters on defense..7-on offense
I am big believer game is played up front on both sides of ball

We have 26-guys in NFL camps this week-really proud in development

Conference alignment is the elephant in the room
JD Wicker has navigated tough times-he’s done that

Biggest challenge since first year-replacing so many OL-DL
Challenge is there-get excited about it
Fundamentals in football so important
You can overcome issues with techniques and succeed

Miles Murao-transfer-Washington-will work at center and guard
Two defensive tackles-transferred in-will get chance
Tupu Alualui-Sam Tauihalaka-transfers will compete for staring jobs
Have to teach our newcomers the system

Transfer portal got guys who fit what we want to do
JD Coffey-another transfer-does alot of things right

Still want more guard rails on transfer portal-NCAA-Congress working on it
It is all fair for the players-not fair for programs yet-need structure

Cody Moon-pretty active player..brings toughness..has to keep weight up
Good football IQ-runs well..brings alot of energy
Can play lots of positions

Schedule is legitimate..
Ohio U-always had tough guys-won’t be intimidated
Idaho State..new coach-new staff..things we don’t know
UCLA..so excited having them here
Oregon State..coached there 6-years-Jon Smith done a great job

Jalen Mayden-understands the offense now…
Needs to be more decisive and confident in what you are doing
Gonna make mistakes-learn from it

Kyle Crum did a good job in spring..yes we have 4-very young backups…yes we  wish we had another experienced

Ryan Lindley…worked with Mike Leach but think we will be more like Utah on offense-tight ends-running backs

Kenan Christon…Jimmy Beal new coach worked really hard to develop relationships…Kenan has become a real leader…physical weight room help…

Jalen Armstead is ready to go to the next level..Cam Davis-Lucky Sutton-Martin Blake should push for playing time….Have to get them on all the field….I want Lindley to have the players excel in what they can excel at.

Mehki Shaw will likely be starting WR and return kicks

Garrett Fountain very good second half of last season-made alot of plays

We have lots of experience the last two years, guys who came back with Covid year…now most are gone
Very different team but excited what is in those meeting rooms



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