1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball–Do You Believe What You See?”

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There is nothing wrong with your eyesight, you have read the baseball standings correctly.  As we move into the 2nd month of the season, it’s hard to believe who is doing so well and who is not, with the start of the season.

Things to examine:

PADRES…They’ve started to hit.  Thank you Mexico City altitude and thin air.  Thank you rag-tag Giants and Reds pitching staffs.  Now with 6-of the next 9-games coming against the Dodgers, let’s see if the bounce back from Tatis-Machado and Soto can be sustained.

DODGERS…Holes everywhere in the lineup and on the field, plus the concussion injury to C-Will Smith.  Mookie Betts has had a slow start.  Though Max Muncy is hitting home runs, his gloe work is not good.  Lousy starts for Miguel Rojas and Miguel Vargas, and a really weak start for veteran Chris Taylor.  Thank goodness for James Outman in center.  The pitching staff rotation looks thin.  Bullpen by Committee-I don’t know about that either.  This does not look like a team built for 162-games.

ANGELS…Hitting well early.  A once in a lifetime chance to salute the dominance of of Showtime Shohei Ohtani, at DH and on the mound.  But the rest of the starters have been up and down.  Good starts for Trout-Renfroe, but still waiting for Anthony Rendon to contribute consistently.

TAMPA Bay…Best record in baseball.  Aside from Randy Arozarena and Wander Franco, can yon name anyone in the lineup?  Play well together.  Group of no name pitchers.  A very good organization.  This (25-6) start is not bogus.

PIRATES..You have to do a double take when you see Pittsburgh in first place.  They solved the contract crisis with Bryan Reynolds, so far have survived the loss of O’Neil Cruz with a dislocated ankle, and have KeBron Hayes leading a group of young players.  And so far veteran one year rentals like Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Santana have been solid.  Do they have enough starting pitching?  That is the issue for the long hot summer.

ORIOLES…They’ve been building the farm system and Ryan Mountcastle, one of the few veterans, has had an All Star start to the season.  Does their pitching hold up?

ARIZONA…Was in first place for 3-weeks, and do have some really good young players like Ketel Marte and Corbin Carroll, but it is a long season.

BREWERS…An amazing start considering the injury losses of Brandon Woodrugg and Corbin Byrnes.

METS…Chasing Atlana and now finally getting Justin Verlander off the DL and Max Scherzer back from suspension.  Nice start from Pete Alonzo and Brandon Timmo.  Big issue, does the bullpen hold up since there is no Edwin Diaz.  Dogfight of a summer with the Braves likely.

TEXAS…Big bats, rental arms in free agency.  So far so good to a surprise start

ASTROS..Hanging on for life, with the injuries to Jose Altuve and some of their starting pitchers.  But they do have young bats, they will get healthy, and there’s two-thirds of the schedule still to be played.

YANKEES…In last place, can you believe that?  A better team on the DL right now, Judge-Stanton-Bader, and the ongoing issues with Carlos Radon and other starters have really impacted them.  But they won’t be a (16-15) team for the entire year.

CARDINALS…A horrid (10-21) start, beset by injuries to half their rotation, led by Adam Wainwright, and a flurry of hurt outfielders.  A quiet start for Nolan Arenado, but Goldschmidt and Contreras are still part of a dangerous lineup.

A’S..WHITE SOX..ROCKIES…1-is a national disgrace (Oakland), the others have lousy ownership and have been mismanaged.  Lost seasons for sure.

A month in, look at the standings, and expect  it to change soon.  But month one has been a surprise.

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