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“Baseball Hall of Fame-Who’s In-Who’s Out”


“Hall of Fame Vote–Who’s In-Out?”


Cooperstown will have a new Plaque in its Hall of Fame lobby this summer but is has been a strange couple of years.

At issue is the raging debate, do cheaters belong in Cooperstown?
Is the Hall for the very best or does that include the very good?

SCOTT ROLEN, a rock solid star 3rd baseman with the Cardinals-Phillies-Reds got it, with 76% of the vote from the BWAA writers.  He was the only one.  Voted in because of his bat, his power, his glove, his style.  He was so rock solid with a (.281BA-316HR)

TODD HELTON nearly got to the 75% limit, finishing a close 72% despite some superb seasons.  Working against him is the perception that his career numbers exploded because he played for so long with the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field.  Not really the case, because his splits were solid.  Maybe next year if people look deeper than just his (.316-329HR) numbers.

GARY SHEFFIELD…This seems like a terrible snub, penalized because his numbers are spread out over 22-years in his career.  He is a (.292-lifer-509HRs) despite moving around a lot.  Don’t understand his 55% vote

BILLY WAGNER…keeps getting snubbed, but how can you denounce his near Trevor Hoffman numbers and the fact he was a multi-innings closer too…how do you discount (422-saves-2.31ERA) over all those years?

CARLOS BELTRAN…at the height of his career-was so dynamic, power and speed, but what he did at the end of his career seems to have killed his chances.  Those (435HRs) stand out.  So gifted athletically too.  What works against him, he was the ‘Mastermind’ of the Astros Sign Stealing Scandal during their World Series season.  A different type of cheat that Bonds-Clemens-but a cheat none the less.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ…Second year on the ballot and no movement at all.  Yes a super star (.295)…yes a great power hitter (696HRs)…but he was suspended for a year for PEDs.  He was convicted in baseball, unlike Bonds-Clemens who got away with it, but he is convicted too in the Court of Public Opinion.  Staple this stat to his resume (35%) of the vote.  Like they say ARod-A Fraud-A Cheat.


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