1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball–Self Destructing”

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“Baseball–Self Destruct Mode”


Tell me, please tell me, how all this helps baseball?

Tell me, please tell me how the leaders of MLB and the Union, think this benefits anyone?

I sit here and read the stories of NFL-TV ratings rocketing thru the roof.  The lead story on the TV networks sports reports.  Front page news in every newspaper.  And dominant in terms of content on all these sports websites.

Baseball, nowhere to be seen.  Baseball in lockdown mode. Giving up all the off season coverage they could have.

The NFL is America’s sport now.  Baseball, once know as Americas’ pastime, seems to being passed by the American public now.

MLB shutdown baseball, a lockout, back on December 1st.  The Commissioner said he hoped the lockout would lead to immediate talks.  That was 48-days ago, and it took Rob Manfred and his lawyers 43-days to make any type of offer, and none of those offers addressed the biggest issues of revenue splits, luxury taxes, changes in free agency.

The Dallas Cowboys-playoff game this past weekend had 41.8M viewers.  NFL in season viewership was up 17% this year compared to last year.

Baseball had one of the lowest rated World Series in the 2000s.  MLB then shut everyone down at the most popular time of the off season.

You know, Winter baseball meetings, the opening of free agency, major trades.  All that could have dominated the headlines on every medium there is.

I guess we know why Roger Goodell makes 31M a year, and we question why Rob Manfred is being paid 11M a year.

We see the NFL becoming a 15B-business now, while MLB may have to struggle to keep its 10B status as a business.

Baseball continues to hurt itself with its war between Tony Clark, the Union chief, and the MLB lawyers, fighting over enormous amounts of money.

The NFL’s revenues have shot into the solar system.  Everyone makes money.  There has not been a shutdown of the NFL since the ugly 3-games NFL-work stoppage in 1987.

Baseball, pick any decade, and you have work issues, relationship failures, and fights.  Baseball axed a World Series.  Ever think the NFL would allow that to happen to its Super Bowl?

The salary cap works in the NFL, NBA, NHL.  Baseball refuses to use those models to help their system.

These two warring factions are wrecking the game.  And by the way, a year after owners lost 3B-due to Covid and the shutdown and no fans, the average salary of baseball players was 4.1M dollars this winter.

And just before they shutdown, Max Scherzer became a 40M a year starting pitcher.  Just like Steph Curry’s 43M NBA salary, and the 40M contracts a Tom Brady would get.

You get turned off by the Manfred-Clark rhetoric.  You don’t buy all this baseball unhappiness.  You have covid fatigue, sickness, unemployment , deaths, USA divisiveness problems, a Congressional war and global warming crisis.

Baseball is arguing millionaires-vs-billionaires each wanting more of the pie.

It’s stupidity, arrogance, greed on both sides.  And the grand old game has lost its appeal.  And neither Manfred-Clark see it as further damaging the eroding interest in the game.

Tell me how any of the public stances taken by either side is a benefit to the health of the game?

None so blind as those who refuse to see..



























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