1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball Tolerance-Zero Tolerance or Zero Teeth”

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“Baseball Discipline–Zero Tolerance-Zero Teeth”


He’ll miss the start of the New York Mets season, for what he got involved in.

So what, it’s just 15-games, probably on 5-of which he would have pitched in.

He loses some pay, but so what, when you are making the kind of money he is to be a closer for a pennant contending team, it’s peanuts not filet mignon.

His wife is still married. They still live in a mansion. He still has his kid.

Just doesn’t have much of a reputation right now.

Neithre does Major League baseball, the aftermath of the back-hand slap MLB gave to Mets closer Jeurys Familia, the Mets bullpen ace.

Keeping score on this one, he gets a 15-game suspension to start the season and loses 493,000-dollars of his 7.4M-contract for the suspension.

Oh you can extoll all the virtuous things baseball has done to clean up the game, steroid-HGH testing, the elimination of cocaine and amphetamine use, the move to try and limit smokeless tobacco.

But lots more work to be done on domestic abuse. Just ask his Latin American wife.

Drunken rage incident in their home at the end of the season. Facial cuts, bruised chest, some blood, knives on the floor. Drunken rage incident. She and the child put at risk.

Of course, she refused to prosecute him, for probably a wide varietyof reasons.

Loves her man. Didn’t want to wreck his career. Does not want to lose a sugar daddy marriage. Maybe hoping it won’t ever happen again.

Hard to believe an act so violent to tear up a condo, gets only a 15-game suspension price tag attached to it.

Of course he can converse with his teammate, Jose Reyes. A year ago this week, bounced off the Colorado Rockies roster, despite his talent, for his court appearnce on throwing his wife thru a plate glass door at a hotel.

He got 60-games, and the Rockies got rid of him and his 14M salary.

Guess where he wound up. In the New York Mets clubhouse, once the suspension was served, and he still got more than half his salary.

This stuff happens around baseball, like it has with other sports You just wonder when pro sports, working with the union, will come up with a plan for stiffer sanctions on violent acts.

Date rape, assaults and other sleazy crimes are all under the baseball discipline umbrella.

You just wonder where the line is drawn between strong discipline vs zero tolerance.

MLB hasn’t figured it out yet. The teammates in Mets-clubhouse, Reyes-Familia are probably glad they haven’t yet either.

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