1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Chargers Injury Hex”

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“Chargers Injury Hex”


The injury list is awful, all these marquee Chargers players hurt, or having surgery.

It’s a way of life in the NFL, but with 14-games left in the schedule, I don’t know how you survive this.

The are on the brink of reeling.

JUSTIN HERBERT….The rib cartilage injury is going to linger for a good 4-to-6 weeks and you hope he does not start taking sacks.  It was obvious he was hesitant throwing the ball in the first half last week,   He got more aggressive in the second half, but aside from hitting 44-and-55 yard passes, the entire offense was strictly in ‘check down mode’.

JOEY BOSA…Surgery for a torn groin, a big setback.  His ability off the edge made Khalil Mack dangerous. Now without Bosa, teams can double Mack and you wonder where the pressure comes from unless it is by constant blitzing.

RASHAWN SLATER…A devastating torn bicep injury.  He was their best offensive lineman and had an impressive 83-rating as one of the top tackles in the league.  There is no one to replace him on the roster, and no free agents to go sign.  Storm Norton could not hold up and has been demoted.  Now they are moving raw rookie Jamaree Salyers to left tackle.  He played it at Georgia Tech, but this is not the ACC.  They may have to help him with a tight end, but that means one less receiver in the pattern if you keep people in.

COREY LINSLEY…Knee issues calmed by an injection, but all this, this early   this season.  It means limited practices each week and you worry about his durability going forward.

JC JACKSON…I will question what Staley did with this player.  He had just 1-full practice coming off the incision procedure on his ankle, then went out and was allowed to play 37-snaps on defense.  He hasn’t played since and is limited in practice.  Think they mishandled this.  They asked too much too soon and now he has inflammation issues.

KEENAN ALLEN…Hamstrings take time to come back and he is not going thru full practices, which means he probably can’t hold up if he is playing in a game.

JALEN GUYTON…Fluke injury on turf, not on a hit.  He was role player who made contributions.  Losing him for the year, means young players like Joe Reed and Josh Palmer must produce, learn on the job, and not make mistakes, like dropped passes or running the wrong routes.

KENNETH MURRAY…They need to keep him on the field but he has shown propensity to get nicked.  There is not alot of depth there if he can’t stay on the field.

Luckily for the Chargers, other teams in the AFC West have problems.

The Raiders are in disarray around QB-Derek Carr.  The offensive line is a mess and they don’t have enough on defense.

Denver’s hiring of Nathaniel Hackett seems fraught with problems and Russell Wilson seems like a square peg into a round hole on offense.  Nothing seems to fit there.  Game management mistakes are staggering.

Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and a wave of new athletes on their team.

Who knows if the  Chargers can survive this?  Four of their top guys are hurt, and you know other injuries are coming with 14-games left in the season.


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