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Let the bidding begin.
Let the interviews begin.
Let the hiring begin.

Who would you hire if you were the Chargers, to fix what has been so wrong, for so long?  Unqualified leadership.  Inexperienced head coaches.  The cheapest hire possible.

The Spanos Family may argue all this is unfair, but they cannot argue they have missed on 3-straight hires.  You have not forgotten Mike McCoy, Anthony Lynn, Brandon Staley.

They cannot discount their record since they bought the franchise (314-346) either.

They now have a unique opportunity to hire the legendary head coach of the New England Patriots, the one with 6-Super Bowl rings, in Bill Belichick.

They could hire the hottest college coach in modern day football in Jim Harbaugh.

The price tag won’t be cheap, for New England owes Belichick (25M) on the final year of his deal.

Harbaugh has been offered a (12.5M) per year, top of the line pay, for Harbaugh to stay in Ann Arbor.

The track record for both is of staggering results.

Belichick’s teams play as relenting a defense as there is in the NFL. It may take a unique player to adjust and execute his system, but he gets them, he teaches them.

Belichick’s sales pitch to lure veterans to come play for him has a history of good short order acquisitions.  Look what Corey Dillon, Randy Moss, Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel brought to Foxborough.

His track record as a GM has been littered by failed draft picks, blown free agent purchases, and struggles to find the right QB.

He developed Tom Brady, and we know the end result of Trophies and Parades.  Granted, as the league changed, and free agency became important, the Pats coach-GM did not do well.  Since Brady’s exit, the Patriot Way has gone (28-38) so things are off the track

Harbaugh’s resume includes a (49-14) record with the 49ers, the grooming of Colin Kaepernick, and success till it all ended in a front office feud.

His arrival at Michigan brought mixed results early.  He nearly lost his job  in 2020-when he went (2-4) in a Covid season.  Instead, he made assistant coaching changes, reopened national recruiting doors, and voila, a National Championship at Michigan.  He gets the ring with a (76-26) record in Ann Arbor.

His ability to coach offense, defense, sales pitch his players, and hold things together has been remarkable, considering  the turmoil all around him.  Whether  it is the transfer portal, the NIL, the sign stealing issues, or alleged Covid violations, his Wolverines were resilient in the face of everything around them.

And he beat Penn State,Ohio State, Alabama and Washington.

So the Chargers, who may have the best job open, with QB-Justin Herbert, a young offensive line, and gifted players, have a real shot at hiring either one of these guys.

Of interest will be if Belichick wants the same power structure he has in New England?  Or will Harbaugh want final authority on his roster?  Will John Spanos answer to the new coach.

Of course the Bolts have salary cap issues, so there may be roster changes to, when you consider they could be 40-to-60M over the cap.

And a bigger question, can you trust Team Spanos to make the right decisions?
These are the people who fired a Hall of Fame GM (Beathard), a Hall of Fame coach (Coryell), a Super Bowl coach (Ross), and a 200-win coach (Schottenheimer).

The Bolts need a leader on the sidelines, to go with the leader in the huddle.
Justin Herbert deserves more than he has received with the Chargers.

Belichick-Harbaugh.  Can’t go wrong with either one, unless the Spanos team gets cold feet, gets cheap, fails to re-imagine how to run the franchise.




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