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What an alarming feeling, the on going bribery attempts, the middle of the night raids that saw teams leave conference to go get big paydays somewhere else.

The bitterness is not going away in the aftermath of the death of the Pac 12, with the 8-schools who have defeected.

Anger in the ACC where now Florida State-Miami-Clemson may be preparing to exit.

The finger pointing at the Big 10, SEC and Big 12, that they will be the only ones left standing when all this is over.

An interesting thought put forth by Nebraska AD-Trevor Alberts, a former ESPN analyst and former NFL player.

He is of the opinion changes will be coming when this next wave of 4-year TV contracts expires.

He says more changes are coming then in football, but that normalcy will return to all other sports.

Alberts projects TV networks are not going to be willing to fork over 50M per year payments to the have-nots in every conference: Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Kansas and others in football.

He believes a new ‘Champions League’ will be formed that involves only the elite of each conference.   This super conference will get all the TV money from the conferences for the super teams.

He also says it will lead to the rebirth of the conferences as we used to know.

The Big 10 might have to survive without Michigan-Ohio State, the SEC might operate without Texas-Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn-Texas AM.  And so on down the road, with marquee teams  also exiting the ACC-Big 12.

But what Albert proposes is this   Every other sports, from basketball to the Olympic sports, will remain in their conferences and those leagues would revert back to geographic rivalries .

Might that means the Pac 12 defectees might come back to a more West Coast conference?  Might than included USC-UCLA bringinf basketball and everyone else back to the West Coast to renew traditional rivalries.

It would mean a radical cut in rights fees to each conference from what they are getting in 2025 under new TV deals

It’s an interesting concept for sure and might merit big discussion once we get thru the trauma of what has just happened, and what the new TV contracts might play out too.

The ACC has ended talks with Cal-Stanford.  The Big 12 says it’s talks that could have included Gonzaga-UConn for basketball only are over.  The Big 10 is not expressing interest in anyone else.  The SEC says it is staying where it is.
On the West Coast, there are only 4-here and a yer to find away to add on.

Next year is set, but Trev Alberts says future years may be inperil.

No one seems happy with what exists right now, nor what is to come.  Might that force more changes down road, a-la a Champions League for football only?


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