1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday. “College Football–Everyone With An Opinion”

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“Somebody says something everyday”


Everybody has an opinion and here’s mine, responding to the opinions of everyone else.

PAC 12 CONFERENCE…Yay to them for seizing the business of universities away from Athletic Directors and Coaches and cancelling the fall football season with hopes they can play in the spring.  End of discussion happens when the CEO Group says ‘science and medicine directed us to do this’.  It was not a coach screeching we have to play because =======.

PAC 12 PLAYERS…Continuing to fire shots at Conference leadership, now for cancelling the season.  Players wanted a seat at the table with the President’s CEO group.  I am sure a second year tight end is going to be able to deliver a message that the leadership of these schools has not thought about.  Bitch about the testing program, rightfully so, but direct that to Mark Emmert, head of the NCAA.


BIG 12…Their medical team told the ADs…’don’t let the reports about cardiac issues make the decision for you’.  What.  Who you going to believe if you don’t believe Medicine and Science?  Might be as dumb a thing as I have heard.

NCAA-MARK EMMERT….Last seen continually kicking the can down the road, failing to put together a ‘National Testing Board’ five months ago when this virus broke out.  Failing to put in place a national testing program for all of the Power 5-Conferences, that might have alleviated fears of the unknown.  Letting the ADs and state Governors handle this was a egregious malfeasance of his leadership.

MICHIGAN-JIM HARBAUGH…Barking out about the UM testing program and if the Wolverines could do it so could others..but not wanting to share how they do what they do in Ann Arbor with Michigan State or Ohio State or anyone else.  Oh they are rivals.

LOU HOLTZ…A bit of a reach talking about ‘accepting risks’ when you play football and trying to compare it with the Greatest Generation landing at Normandy..’they knew there would be casualties’.  Poor comparison.  A bit out of touch at age 83.

MISSISSIPPI…The Governor who refrained for months from demanding his citizens wear masks till the hospitals were over-run, now comes out and says ‘college football is essential’.  Not as essential at ventilators, ICU beds, education, jobs, solving racism in the Magnolia State.

ACC…Should stand for ‘Awful Crazy Comment’ for saying the Big 10 and Pac 12 were cancelling the season…’afraid of lawsuits and bad press’.  How about because of deaths, no vaccine, lack of testing, and costs in terms of dollars and health.  Guess they don’t have any problems in Florida-Georgia-North-South Carolina-Virginia.

NEBRASKA…Saying they would play football regardless of what the conference did.  24-hours later the Big 10 told them you cannot be an independent.  Maybe they should leave the league and go back to the Big 12-which still wants to play despite the outbreaks in Texas, Oklahoma and other places.  Hey Cornhusker, read the rule book, the bylaws.  You really going to give up 50M a TV revenue to play in an empty stadium in Lincoln?  Not very smart, and football umnder Scott Frost has not been very good either. Maybe they should go back to the Big 12.

Everybody’s got an opinion.  That’s mine.


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