1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “College Football-From Bad to Worse”

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“College Football–From Bad to Worse”

And you thought ‘Black Friday’ was awful 3-weeks ago.

Now this for what is left for the Pac 12, that became the Pac 10 (post UCLA-USC), then was down to the Pac 4, when everyone else defected to the Big 10 and Big 12.

And as the sun comes up in the morning, it looks like the sun has set on West Coast football.

The latest is what has just happened on Tobacco Road, home of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

If things weren’t bad enough with what USC-UCLA did, followed by what Oregon-Washington and the four corner schools did, now what is happening in the Bay Area.

The ACC is about to become an 18-team conference, that will stretch from New England to Miami, and now to the Bay Area.

Stanford and Cal, plus SMU, are about to be admitted to the ACC.

It’s all part of a big money plunge, that puts the ACC brand on the West Coast, for what that is worth.

A week ago, 7-schools spoke out against letting Cal-Stanford join.  A week later, because ESPN made an upgraded TV offer, the ACC members have changed their mind.

They agreed to a 72M-extension of its current TV deal that goes till 2036, if they take in the Cardinal-Golden Bears-and Mustangs, eventhough none of their football programs brings much to the ACC, or the fact basketball success is negligible.

I’ve spent weeks talking about the blood on the hands of the Pac 12-Presidents.  Now the dirty deal behind closed doors from the ACC leaders.  The victims, the football fans out here..

Reports the ACC will give minimal TV money to Stanford-Cal, and no TV money to SMU for the first five years they are in the league.  That means there will be some 55M-additional TV money to be split among the other ACC schools, including bonus payments for bowl games.

They may also cave in for extra bonus shares that convince Florida State-Clemson-Miami to stay in the league.

And as the sun comes up, there are only two left in what was the Conference of Champions, Oregon State and Washington State.  Horrible news in Corvallis and Pullman.  Probably good news for the Mountain West to take on the Beavers and Cougars.

But at the end of the day, the Pac 12 is gone forever, Stanford and Cal take on enormous travel costs, and the Mountain West is still a Group of 5-conference, nothing more, though football will be fun.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, we get this.  Look to the sky.  It’s like a mushroom cloud settling over what was such a good conference once upon a time.

Pick any phrase you want, ‘Greed is Good’, .’Money Talks-People Walk’….or ‘Everyone has a price’

I hate funerals.  And this is one no one wants to go to, what was done to the Pac 12-Conference..

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