1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “College Football–What’s Wrong with this Black-White Picture?”

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“College Football–What’s Wrong with this Black-White Picture?”


The annual blood-letting, the firing of college coaches, did not take place at the high pace it has in recent years.

Auburn, South Carolina, Arizona, Illinois were the marquee schools who axed coaches.  Not like in recent years where there were as many as 15-Division 1-jobs at Power 5-schools open for business.

Auburn hired a coach from Boise State.  Illinois recycled a coach out of the NFL.  Arizona went for a young NFL assistant.  The Gamecocks went young and unproven with a college assistant.

What is the same about all of them?  White.

The biggest issue is schools are in huge financial trouble, and appear unwilling to eat big contracts.  Auburn may be the exception where Gus Malzahn has a 21M-payday ahead of him as part of his buyout.

The second biggest question is why no African American coaches were part of the interview process, and why no Black’s were hired.

The glitzy hiring of Deion Sanders at Jackson State brought attention to the SWAC school, but nothing happened elsewhere.

The NFL has pushed the boulder up the hill, with continued revisement of the Rooney Rule.  Why hasn’t the NCAA adopted further hiring blueprints, call it the Eddie Robinson Rule?

An interesting reading from Yahoo sports, I thought you’d enjoy.


Is college football going to hire any Black coaches this year?
Dan Wetzel·Columnist
Wed, December 23, 2020, 2:15 PM PST·4 min read

Is college football going to hire any African American coaches this year?

Just wondering, because the trend certainly isn’t headed in that direction. Last season, the 120 FBS schools employed 13 Black head coaches. Three were fired and no African Americans have been hired yet this year (10 open positions have been filled by 10 white men).

And, yes, we know, “college football” isn’t a singular entity. Individually, each hire can be justified (well, unless you read fan message boards). Collectively though, a coincidence that has coincidence-ed for decades just keeps coincidence-ing.

It’s embarrassing.

Or it should be for a sport where the vast majority of administrators, fans and boosters want to be fair-minded and are, at the very least, proponents of a meritocracy that rewards the most qualified, deserving and talented person for a job.

If you agree with the above, yet don’t think there are any problems with the current system of identifying that most qualified, deserving or talented candidate, then you would have to also believe that only 10 African Americans exist who are capable of running a college football program.












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