1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “DARK SIDE OF SPORTS”

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You ask how this could every happen?  How these people could get themselves into this situation?  How they could ever make these decisions?

The datelines are here and there, at home and abroad.

MEL TUCKER…Who went home a couple of years ago to fix the Michigan State program is facing the death penalty, termination of his record (10Y-95M) contract for sexual misconduct for his attempt to form a relationship with counselor Brenda Tracey, who runs a consulting foundation that has been hired by schools to meet with players to talk about relationships, date rape, social media and misconduct.

The story is staggering.  Michigan State brought her in to meet with players.  Tucker developed what many thought was a professional working relationship with Tracey.  She says the coach tried to make it a personal relationship.  He wanted to date her, though he was married.  He sent her gifts.  sent Emails-texts, and did a Zoom call where he masturbated infront of her.

Tracey immediately when to the University with a Title IX-complaint which has led to a lawsuit.  Tucker admitted there was communication with her, but is standing behind the theory it was ‘his private time’, and his ‘private life’.

Seedy-sleazy for sure.  And now we find out Michigan State knew about this since last December and kept Tucker on the job thru spring ball, camp and the start of the season before removing him.

You know Michigan State, the last time they were in the headlines it inovled sex pervert doctor Larry Nassar, now spending 60-years in prison for his sexual assaults of female athletes and Olympic Gymnasts.

KEVIN PORTER…Houston Rockets guard is facing expulsion from the NBA for another arrest, this a felony strangulation that fractured the neck of his girlfriend.  This is the same player who was suspended in the past for a guns-drug arrest.  And suspended for Covid violations at strip bars, in violation of NBA Covid rules.
He and his 20 point a game average likely gone.

JULIO URIAS…The Dodgers need to do an intervention with their pitching star to find out if he has an alcohol problem, that triggered his second arrest on domestic abuse.  The police report is not yet public but it appears more damaging than his first arrest that led to a 20-game suspension.  He shoved his fiancee in an argument.  Now the question, was it yelling, was it a shove, was it a slap, was it a punch or a kick.  They know because they video from a fan who saw the incident.  How bad is it for Urias?  He is a free agent this off season.  The Dodgers have removed his locker from the clubhouse, taken all of his jerseys out of the store and off line, and covered all the murals of him around Chavez Ravine.  They are not going to experience what they did with Trevor Bauer’s sexual misconduct episode a couple of years back.

PAUL POGBOA..Some bad week for the former Manchester United soccer star.  Removed from the team in a contract dispute, shipped to a Juventus squad,in a transfer deal and now tests positive for a PED and is facing a 4-year FIFA suspension.

Nice decisions, all these people.  Is it money and power that corrupts them into thinking they can do anything they what, right or wrong?  Is it ego?  Is it stupidity?  Careers in trouble or over, hopefully so.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “DARK SIDE OF SPORTS””

  1. Chris says:

    There is a tackle playing for eagles that was involved in the death of two people. Deshaun Watson paid off how many of his victims?

    At some point humans need to be accountable for their actions over their talent.

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