1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “FOOTBALL’S WILD AFTERNOON”

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The World is on Fire.
You knew that, Trump, the election, the border, Ukraine, Israel.

The Sports World is on Fire too.

In a 2-hour span on Wednesday, the football world was turned upside down.

Pete Carroll was removed in Seattle.
Nick Saban quit in Tuscaloosa.
Jon Gruden is in New Orleans.

It’s as if an earthquake hit football and the after-shocks are likely to continue.

SEATTLE…14-years of excellence with the Seahawks was replaced by controversy, injuries, a defensive meltdown and questions as to whether Pete Carroll was tuned out by a talented roster.

He rebuilt his franchise twice.  He dealt away a legendary QB.  Age, injury, the salary cap shredded the Legion of Doom Super Bowl defense.  And now he has been removed as head coach, hours after saying he intended to coach next year.

Hard to believe he would not go out on his own terms, or that ownership wanted  to dictate this type of change.

He becomes a hot candidate somewhere else.

TUSCALOOSA…This came out of nowhere, Nick Saban retiring after this illustrious career with Alabama.

But maybe we should not be shocked.

Look around the landscape at name coaches fed up with what the NCAA in football and basketball has become.

Saban didn’t like the transfer portal, had reservations about the money funnelled towards all players, and openly spoke about it.

His history writes 6-NCAA championships with the Tide.  11-SEC titles with Alabama.  4-Heisman Trophy winners.  44-first round NFL draft picks.

You could say the ‘old timers’ are exiting the building and you might not be wrong.

A year from now the college landscape (portal-money) will be changed, but football has lost its leader and its social conscience.

NEW ORLEANS…He wants to come back, and it looks like he is coming back, Jon Gruden’s return from disgrace.

The Saints discussing a possible deal that allows him to become either an Offensive consultant or the actual Offensive Coordinator, guiding his former Raiders QB-Derek Carr going forward.

Still to be determined, what happens to the Gruden lawsuits against Roger Goodell and the NFL over the leakage of Emails sent by Gruden to old friend Bruce Allen, who was President of the Washington Redskins at that point.  Emails that ripped the Commissioner, the way the NFL operates, hiring of minorities and more.

And once the aftershocks of this football earthquake settle, you wonder, who winds up going where.

Is Jim Harbaugh now the only hot candidate out there?
Is Pete Carroll a right fit for another NFL team?
Is Bill Belichick about to exit New England and where does he head?

Does Alabama raid another school (Clemson-Swinney) to replace Saban?

The sports football world does seem on fire, just days before the playoffs begin, and days after the National Championship game was played.


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