1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday. “Lakers Grind Up Golden State”

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“Lakers-Grind Up Golden State”




No points for style, but the Lakers got a victory.

There was no sizzle in that Wednesday night (103-100) come from behind win over Golden State.

Nothing pretty when you hit the other guys in the head with a garbage can cover, and that’s what happened at both ends of the court.

Can you say no place for the timid.

LeBron Jackson, whacked in the eye with a flagrant foul, came back to bury. a 30′ three point shot with (:58) left and no time on the shot clock to get the win for LA.

Anthony Davis-Dennis Schroeder and James shot a combined  (4-for-28) in the opening half and limped to the lockeroom down by 13.

Heroes come from the most unlikely places.  Alex Caruso and Wes Matthews keyed a gritty defense that forced 8-turnovers in the 3rd quarter, driving LA back into the game.

Giving the other guy a bloody nose worked, and the refs let them hammer on each other all night long.

You shoot 29% in the first quarter, you are lucky you survive.  You force 20-turnvoers for the night, you have a chance.

The Lakers did all that and survived to win the game.

it was not a ‘Showtime’ Lakers win, but rather a ‘Slugfest Street Fight’ win.

So the Lakers survive the Play In game they hated to take part in.  But things won’t get easier.

Pick your poison, the next two rounds will put them up against the likes of Utah..the Suns…Denver…the Clippers.

They got beyond the Golden State game.  They will need to play better the next round and the round after that.

The Warriors nearly knocked the crown off their head.  And this was just a preview of things to come

No place for the timid in the Western Conference finals, now.





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