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“The Association–It’s New King”


What a night for all of us to watch.

The crowning of a new king, LeBron James of the Lakers, becoming the all time leading scorer in the National Basketball Association.

It was an electric moment for a franchise that has always had electric moments.

LeBron James passed another Laker in the record setting performance, and then went thru the Game ball presentation from Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the special mid court ceremony.

It was with breathless anticipation everytime LeBron touched the ball, that he would do something special on his way to the basket.  A long jump shot, a drive to the hoop, a scoop shot, a thundering slam dunk.

He was at his best in the 36-point outburst that got the Jabbar record, but sadly too was another Lakers loss, on a team that is firmly planted in 13th place in the NBA West.  That means out of the playoffs.

LeBron has done so much for so long, but to see him do this, averaging 30-points a game at age 38, is beyond belief.  There is a wear and tear factor on that massive body, but he sits an odd night off, and then he comes back recharged.

There’s been a sure turnaround in how people view LeBron James today than days past.

You remember the early days of LeBron in Cleveland, that entitled look that seemed to turn a ton of people off.

And the LeBron TV press conference, taking ‘my talents to South Beach’ enroute to a free agent contract with the Miami Heat.

Even his re-emergence with the Cavaliers did not carry the clout of love from fans, unless they lived in the 216-area code.

But this seems to be a different time in the NBA.  Maybe it’s his big page accomplishments.  He is averaging (27PPG) over the course of this spectacular career.

4-NBA rings…4-MVP honors…the game’s current Ambassador.  It is such a different time now with so many great athletes.

He led a team to 73-wins, an all time record.  He went to the finals 8-straight years too.

And in year 20-of this career, look at how dominant he is, still.

He not only holds the scoring record, he is 4th on all time assists list in the NBA.

Watch him play so hard each night.  He is so possessed to excel.  It is not about him as a stand alone talent, but as a teammate.  Maybe he is better in that area now then compared to then.

There is LeBron the business magnate, and what he has done in Hollywood in film production.

There is LeBron, the social messenger, from Black Lives Matter to every other important social cause out there.

King James has given back to his hometown, Akron, Ohio, with a special private funding of a Charter School in that industry-depressed city.

Yes the NBA gave us Bill Russell in Boston, Jerry West in LA, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Doctor J and so many other great ones,but He seems to have arisen above all them.

And in that Purple-Gold colored jersey, you also think about the heritage that preceded him, from George Mikan to West to Baylor to Magic, Kobe and Shaq.  And now he has joined the special circle of greatness who wore that logo.

And he has elevated himself to equal status with Michael Jordan in the Association’s history.

Special night.  Special time.  Special player.  Special person too.  Incredible.


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