1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NBA Draft Day-The Foreign Legion”

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“NBA Draft–‘A Changing Industry”


The NBA Draft is hours away and a historical player from abroad is about to become the next star in pro basketball.

Victor Wembenyama, a French teenage star, who averaged 13-points and 5-rebounds game as an 18-year old, dominated the Euro League, playing against men.

His arrival brings a ‘period and exclamation point’ to what the NBA has become, a league bolstered, boosted by the arrival of the Foreign Legion.  Wembenyama becomes the 14th international player taken number 1-in the NBA draft, a history that has seen the sport change.

Look at the recent NBA-MVPs.  Where did Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic, and others come from?  Abroad.  Greece-Serbia and more.  Everywhere.

There is so much talent abroad that the next great player on your team might be a Luka Doncic.  Just see what names like Embiid-Ayton-Adebejo-Murray-Markennon-Siakam and Sabonis have meant in their cities.-

Oddly San Antonio gets the first pick in the draft and takes the gifted French player.  Gregg Popovich has so much experience abroad.  Remember Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, all cornerstones in the Spurs great years.

Houston remembers fondly the greatness of Hakeem Olajuwon among other internationals.

History will show names like Dirk..Divac..Ming to Olajuwon..Gasol and Kukoc….Nash-Sabonis-Petrovic..so many good ones from ‘over there’.

It has really become a global game and the talent level is so good for the game.  It’s so good for the NBA and its marketing ability to sell the game to other nations.

The draft this year is loaded with a unique group of high school players who went to the NBA G-League or the Overtime Elite program.

Add in the wild collection of one and done college players, and this is a gifted draft board.

There could be blockbuster trades too.  Does Portland stay at number 3-or move out?  Do they move star G-Damian Lillard?  Does Houston trade out of pick 4-and go further back?  Does New Orleans deal away Zion Williamson or Brandon Ingram?  Do the Knicks dispatch Julius Randle?  Is Minnesota willing to part with Karl Anthony Towns?   Is it fact or fiction the Clippers are shopping Paul George?  This could be as wild a night as we have ever seen.

7-teams have multiple picks too in the opening round, and those picks could be in play too.

Charlotte drafts 2-27
The Trailblazers draft 3-23
Houston chooses 4-20
Orlando goes off at 6-11
Indiana selects at 7-26-29
Utah has picks 9-16-28

We knows who goes first, after that it’s wide open.  We will enjoy this night in the NBA.


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