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“NFL-The Commissioner & Me”


Super Bowl Week…Commissioner Roger Goodell with lots of statements….and my response to them.

..Goodell’s comments….He made statements
–Hacksaw’s response…I gave you substance.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell…State of NFL Address

..Blown call playoffs-We need a solution
–It is a hard game to officiate…so fast…high impact collisions…continuing to refine instant replay, and expand it, to help the referees is important…Blown calls surely impacted at least 2-games outcome at the most important time of the year, the playoffs. No lip service here please, add to instant replay to be fair to everyone.

..Blown call-Play should have been called
–Nice to admit it in public two weeks after the fact….Biggest issue for me, the culture of the officials, not to show up a fellow official, who might have missed throwing a flag….How could 3-different officials not see anything…interference–helmet hit–launching—hitting a defenseless receiver?

..Replay-Want to address frustrations of teams-fans
–You’ve got technology-use it to help your officials….This was probably the worst year ever for NFL refs…Prime example 2-Chargers wins results of TDs allowed on 3-missed penalty calls that everyone saw accept the officials….

..Replay-We will look to expand it use
–Pass Interference-Helmet Hits-Personal Fouls….Put in in the replay system…Coaches then must decide when to risk a timeout….It won’t elongate games that much…..Coaches will still be cautious when to use red-flag.

..Officials-No movement from owner on adding video official-crews
–An eye in the sky, with each crew sounds right-but would they get gun shy about ordering the crew to either ‘throw late flag’ or ‘pick up bad flag’ you threw…Not sure this is perfect solution.

..Owners-Resistance use review on non penalty calls
–Think ownership in New Orleans-Kansas City-Pittsburgh might change their mind now considering how costly the mistakes were?

..Technology-Not solve all problems of game
–Yes and Black-And-White TV was fine too….You have technology-add it to the equation to get the calls right in critical games…All games are important, opening day thru the AFC-NFC title games.

..Super Bowl-Not tainted by what happened to Saints
–That’s right-there were 85-other snaps the Saints could have done better on-but this was a critical mistake, even if Rams are great team.

..Raiders-San Diego-not an option
–We wouldn’t want to further embarrass the embarrassment that Dean Spanos is as Chargers owner, and fill up the stadium in San Diego with traveling Raiders fans, would we? Shame of Mayor Kevin Faulconer for not being more aggressive to create a 7M revenue stream by trying to lure Raiders. Those fans wearing Silver & Black travel everywhere-they would have come here.

..Raiders-Mark Davis wants to stay in Bay Area
–Makes sense to serve what’s left of loyal Raiders fans, and it could create a crush if the Raiders practiced in the Bay Area and commuted to San Diego for home games-but they’d have a strong following…Good luck in the Giants baseball stadium.

..Denver-NFL might intercede in Bowles Family Trust Dispute
–This is ugly, but the Trust language stipulates who makes the decision on replacing Pat Bowlen as owner-don’t see that changing at all.

..Kareem Hunt-investigation nearly complete-stays on suspended list
–Has already paid a Ray Rice type-price for what he did, losing his salary and half a year in Kansas City…Never charged-don’t think he can be suspended though.

..Reuben Foster-facing suspension despite dropped charges
–Different case in that 49ers linebacker has had multiple incidents dating all the way back to Alabama….Likely 6G-suspension coming for repeat offender.

..Colin Kaeperneck-teams decide who can help them win
–Been out of NFL for so long-don’t know if he can gather his career again….Maybe CFL….He never broke the law, never arrested, why is he unsigned? Maybe doesn’t fit many systems. He has a right to free speech doesn’t he? As unpopular as his topic was, he did walk away from 12M contract with 49ers.

..London-Not ready for full-time team
–The four games sell out and a full time team probably would do well there. But talk about a road trip, how do you come stateside eight times a year? And how do other teams handle that type of road trip?

..London-Must understand competitive issues for teams play there
–The scheduling snafu makes it very hard to execute….even worse than if you put a team in Mexico City, which would still be a tough trip.

..Rooney Rule-Still works despite just 1-minority hire this year
–8-head coaches got fired including Marvin Lewis, Steve Wilkes, Todd Bowles, Hue Jackson. They didn’t get fired because they were black, but just because they had bad seasons, just like legendary Mike McCarthy or Adam Game or Dirk Koetter. I don’t like the attitude we need a balanced quota of white-vs-black head coaches. I do like the NFL pushing an agenda that training minorities to become coordinators, and then put them into the head coaches pool, is a better way to do business. Run a summer camp for minority coaches to learn about being a coordinator, then create the pool where they can get hired.

Roger Goodell made statements. I provided substnace.


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