1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday. “NFL-in San Diego–No Team–Lots of Fans”

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“NFL in San Diego–No Team-Lots of Fans”


I feel like screaming at Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and all the ‘rich boys’ club owners who have NFL franchises.

The NFL playoffs march into the second round of the playoffs this weekend.

We don’t have a team, because Goodell and NFL owners allowed Dean Spanos to move the franchise to Los Angeles.

You know, the “Fight for LA” franchise that has failed miserably at the box office, just fired its coach, and has just 2-playoff wins since 2008.

Do you know what was left behind?  NFL fans.  Lots of NFL fans.

The TV ratings do not lie.

For the San Diego market, last weekend’s playoff ratings are out and they are amazing.

A market that supported the Chargers for 55-years only to get dumped on by the owner, ripping the team from the hearts of the fans is still NFL mad.

And yet, who was infront of the TV all last weekend watching NFL football.  Left-behind San Diego Chargers fans from Otay Mesa to Oceanside and everywhere in between.

The scoreboard does not lie.  The TV ratings in this market last weekend.

(20.1) rating…Steelers-Browns
(18.7) rating…Saints-Bears
(17.5) rating…Tampa Bay-Washington
(17.3) rating…Rams-Seahawks
(16.5) rating…Colts-Bills
(12.6) rating…Ravens-Titans

What a disgrace, the NFL allowed this team to be pulled out of this market by that man.

Trust me, next year, when fans are allowed back in the stands, the Rams will be playing infront of 70,000 in their shiny new stadium.  The Chargers will be drawing 25,000 in their rented-adopted home in LA in the same stadium.

San Diego will watch games, and will likely continue to curse the leadership of Roger Goodell and the ownership of Dean Spanos.

No team.  Lots of fans.  Absolute disgrace.

San Diego loves NFL games.
San Diego should never forget what was allowed to happen.


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