1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday. “NFL–Names in the News”

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“Names in the News:————–

People everywhere in sports doing things, saying things tha are deserving of my comment.

BRANDON STALEY…Chargers head coach, ambushed alot of people early with his offense, and his chutzpah going for it on fourth down.  There are alot of smart people around the NFL, and the more tape they look at, the more they will find ways to slow the Chargers schemes down.  Thus back to back losses for the Bolts in which QB-Justin Herbert has been knocked out of sync.  Waiting for Staley to turn to the back of the playbook to find additional plays for new players to create the mismatches he needs to get the Bolts back on the winning road.  Kid WRs Josh Palmer and Jaylen Guyton need to be part of the mix going forward.  They will have to do it in Philadelphia come Sunday

RAMS…No fear of the future, all that counts is today, and thus the decision to keep trading future draft picks for immediate help.  They set the stage with the picks they dealt to get star DB-Jalen Ramsey.  Then the two number 1-picks that went to Detroit for top tier QB-Matthew Stafford,  And now dealing a 2nd and 3rd round picks to acquire aging Von Miller.  Great acquisition and role player, but quite a price to pay for an aging rush linebacker.  All that matters is getting to the Super Bowl this season.  The future be damned.

RAIDERS…What a nitemare for GM-Mike Mayock, first the forced ouster of coach Jon Gruden, now the horrible drunk driving arrest of star wide receiver Henry Rugg that resulted in a fiery fatality of a young woman.  Derek Carr will have his hands full going forward because the rest of the wideouts are pedestrian compared to a difference maker like Rugg, who is facing 4-to-26 years in prison.  New definition to the words ‘Black Hole’ now in Las Vegas, formerly in Oakland.

CHIEFS…They spent a ton of money to overhaul a bad offensive line that got Patrick Mahomes battered in the Super Bowl.  This group, led by Orlando Brown, looks worse than last year’s group that Tampa Bay abused. Mahomes keeps throwing balls to get out of trouble, which is why he leads the world in turnovers now.  Add to that the fact the defense seems weak in the back seven and superstar DT-Chris Jones has been battling nagging injuries since the end of last season.  Hate to say the era is over in KC but it appears they made the wrong decisions on a lot of people they thought would fix things..  And now they get Green Bay.

DENVER…The novelty of a veteran coach bringing worlds of experience in to fix the once proud Broncos seems to have been a reach.  Now the media is going after Vic Fangio and new GM-George Paton.  It appears John Elway is still the best QB in the building.  The offensive line is leaky.  The young WR group cannot stay on the field.  Melvin Gordon in Denver is not anywhere near what he was in San Diego.  The defense does not have alot of playmakers either.  Looks like they may need to get into a total rebuild, and that won’t go down well with rabid Broncos fans or a relenting-critical media.

Enjoy this upcoming NFL weekend.  Won’t be easy for any of the guys in the AFC-West.




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