1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “NFL-Notes–Likes & Dislikes”

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“NFL Notes–Likes & Dislikes”


NEW ENGLAND…anyone tired of the Antonio Brown soap opera? We’re surrounded by divas. If the entire Raiders saga was not the epitome of selfishness, now this rape investigation seems about ready to overwhelm his career.

NEW ENGLAND….Pity the media covering all things Bill Belichick, who shows his disdain for the people who have jobs to do. Week in-Week out, condescending non-answers about viable questions.

NEW ENGLAND…Just asking….months and months after Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitutes twice in Jupiter, Florida, nothing has happened in the case, and nothing has happened from NFL discipline measures either. Lawyers rule for rich people?

BROWNS……Ever seen such expectations on opening day go so flat as what we saw in Cleveland’s home opener, when Tennessee trashed them. Baker Mayfield got beat up. The Browns defense got mugged. And nice composure, those 18-Browns penalties for 182-yards.

GIANTS…Odell Beckham needs to wear an expensive wrist-watch while playing? Guess he needs to be dial up GPS to run his pass routes in games. The diva watch continues doesn’t it?.

MIAMI…..Nice home opener for the Dolphins, giving up over 600-yards and 59-points to the Baltimore Ravens. Nice franchise owner Steven Ross and President Tom Garfinkle have allowed to take the field.

PITTSBURGH….Life after Antonio Brown-Le’Veon Bell didn’t start too well when the Steelers got slammed (33-3) in New England, but it is a long season and Mike Tomlin teams have a history of improving.

RAIDERS…Some beat-down they handed the Broncos on Monday night, but it counts as only one, and the Raiders are taking hits. Losing Antonio Brown will be a big blow over the long haul. Now they lost 1st round pick S-Jon Abram with labrum surgery after one game.

BRONCOS…Denver got boat-raced bad in Oakland, a bit of a stinging loss for new coach Vic Fangio. Don’t know where defense was, but it did not show up in Black Hole. Young WRs hurt QB-Joe Flacco’s debut, but they will get better as they go.

CHARGERS….It was a win, but could have-should have been a loss. Now they lose TE-Hunter Henry with knee fracture, this on top of loss of OT-Russell Okung, S-Derwin James and the holdout of Melvin Gordon.

CHARGERS…The crowd was 50-50 in Carson, half wearing Colts colors, the other half showing support for the Bolts. Think about what is head…home games with Packers-Steelers-Raiders-Packers. That might have been best home crowd Philip Rivers and friends will see all year.

HOUSTON…Bill O’Brien calling all the shots on all these roster changes with the Texans, and his QB-Deshaun Watson taking 6-sacks and 11-other hits attempting to throw. Don’t think this is going to end well for the quarterback.

RAMS…Lost in the shuffle with start of the season…a judge has ruled the 1.6B-lawsuit over the move of the team to LA, will go to trial in St Louis. Will not be moved. Will not be an arbitration hearing either. Stan Kroenke has lost two other lawsuits over his PSL-ticket sales to the fans and businesses in St. Louis. This trial bears watching. Looking for the paper trail of evidence the NFL violated its bylaws involving franchise shifts when Kroenke refused to meet with the city-county-state after they acquired the land and the funding for a new Rams Stadium. Stay tuned.


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