1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL-So Much Expectation-So Much Failure”

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“NFL Landscape–Shaken”


So Much Expectation…So Much Failure from the teams we follow.

We storm into the second half of the season, a year of surprises, disappointments, and injuries-injuries-injuries.

Random thoughts about where we are heading to the second half of the schedule with the three most popular teams fans follow here in So-Cal.

CHARGERS…Devastated by injuries and paralyzed by a front office that refuses to go into the market place to get veteran player help. Justin Herbert cannot control all the guys going down around him. But John Spanos-Tom Telesco failed to go get Herbert help in the offensive line or the defensive front.
Ripped by injuries upfront, they could have signed longtime Chiefs starter Laurent Tardif or ex-Patriot Marcus Cannon among others-didn’t. The collapse of their defensive front, and they bypassed brining back veteran DT-Linval Joseph and did not pursue Ndamokong Suh or Sheldon Richardson. Ditto with holes at linebacker, and not looking at Anthony Barr. Shredded at wide out-and not making a call to either Odell Beckham-Junior or DeSean Jackson. Veteran players find ways to contribute. Don’t understand this at all

RAMS…They spent and spent and spent to win the Super Bowl and keep their core team together. They let a wide array of veterans leave, to keep name players there. Think a Von Miller might still be able to help their defense? Think Robert Woods would not make a difference to the passing game. Think they are better without Austin Corbett upfront? Now they have cap problems, holes everywhere and a seige of injuries they cannot recover from. This is more than just Matthew Stafford taking 27-sacks and two concussions. It’s a front office that has let the team down.

RAIDERS…Jekyll-Hyde for sure. The first half of the season they didn’t know how to get the ball to their cadre of accomplished receivers. Now the likes of Darren Waller-Hunter Renfroe are out with injuries. Josh Jacobs has had a spectacular season in his contract year. But the new front office has eradicated virtually all the marquee draft picks chosen by deposed head coach Jon Gruden. Offensive lineman and players on defense, who were supposed to be part of the future, are gone. Who knows what you get Sunday to Sunday from the Silver & Black. Who know whether Josh McDaniels is a good coach. Who knows how to view Derek Carr, grossly below the .500-mark as a starter.

The second half of the season upon us and nothing looks positive about these teams. Bad luck, bad injuries, or bad decisions in the front office?


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL-So Much Expectation-So Much Failure””

  1. Chris says:

    Rams-There has to be a Devil went down to Georgia joke in there somewhere. Whether is be the mysterious drowning of Rosenbloom or the devil may care attitude to win last year, it is time to pay up.

    The Raiders are a different story, Goodell meddling reset the clock on a team built in Grudens image setting them back three years. With hope, Gruden and his legal team take Rodger to the wood shed. It is just sad that McZeig couldn’t keep the team together and reworks his system to fit the players.

    Lastly,the Bolts. This one is simple, it begins and ends with the Spanos goofs. Nothing more.

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