1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL–Union Chief–Difference of Opinion”

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“NFL-vs-Union Chiefs–Discussions”


Everyone is talking about the restart of the NFL-on the field.
No one has any specific solutions.

Who makes the decision to allow the NFL to go ahead and open training facilities…announce the schedule…open the season?

Is it Roger Goodell, the commissioner?
Is it Dr. Anthony Fauchi, the head of Infectious Diseases at the CDC?
Is it President Donald Trump?
Is it DeMaurice Smith-head of the NFL Players Association?.

All types of ideas are being floated at midweek.

A full 16-game schedule, coupled with the expanded playoffs, with the hopes of as regularly scheduled September start.  That was the hope just months ago, that all would be back to normal.

You tell me what is the new normal in our country right now?

Now the latest, the reality jolt, of a delay in the start of the season, not the first week of September, but rather in mid-October.

The NFL wants a full 16-game schedule, and the latest plan would have 16-straight weeks of games running thru January.

There would be 4-weeks of training camp in September.

There would be no bye weeks, no bye before the Super Bowl, no preseason games, and a Super Bowl game on February 28th.

It all sounds good in theory from Goodell.
Trump wants pro sports back soon.
Fauchi wants lots more testing of people and players but thinks it would work

Smith, the Union chief, said lots last weekend, and not much of it was favorable.

..Are you going to test players daily going into facilities?
..Are you testing citizens daily also?
..Are we taking first responders out of cities so they can work games?
..Is the NFL really an essential business that has to be open?
..No one should feel sorry if NFL players have to give back money?
..There should be no talk right now about NFL salary caps.

For the first time, one of their own, the Union Chief seems ready to block the players from returning to the game because nothing nationwide has been solved in terms of stomping out their Virus-Crisis.

The NFL, opening camps, scheduling games, getting life back to normal.

It all seems fluid.

It’s like hitting a moving target no one can zero in on.

But for the first time, someone linked to the NFL game, has a very different opinion.  People should listen to the Union Chief.



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