1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday ‘NFL-vs-Cleveland Browns”

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“Cleveland Browns-vs-NFL”


It’s right there in black and white, but stands out like it’s in neon lights.

It’s the police reports from the 24-women who filed complaints and lawsuits against the Cleveland Browns new quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Words like penis, erection, masturbation.

Right there for everyone to see, all part of the sexual miscondcut investigation as Watson hustled massage therapists, seeking not just treatment but also sex.

Now Watson sits and waits for the final decision in the NHL-Union Civil War over the type of discipline he will get.

The whole scandal leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

The NFL is viewed as big business, that only acts when there is legal action taken against them, or when there is a public outcry.

Think about the NFL concussion settlement, the 865M in checks written to the 2200 NFL players who filed the class action lawsuit against the league for failing to properly treat head injuries, concussions and trauma. They moved only after this became a class action lawsuit.

Fast forward to domestic abuse, be it Ray Rice or Kareem Hunt, and what has transgressed since then.

The modern day NFL has gotten tougher and tougher on drug users and PED violations too.

Now it is a sexual harrassment case that the NFL has never ever seen.

The Houston Texans QB lined up 66-different massage therapists over a two year span, seeking relief and pleasure in lots of different ways.

They sued, oh did they sue.

Somehow police investigated but never charged him with sexual misconduct. Two grand juries reviewed evidence of sexual misconduct, but never indicted.

The Houston Texans, dragged into this, because they provided hotel rooms for the treatments and even wrote up non disclosure agreements the women had to sign…the club settled 30-lawsuits out of court.

Watson remains defiant he did nothing wrong, just asking for sex. But in his apologies, he now says he wants to find the best version of himself, even if he did nothing wrong. What a fool.

He did nothing wrong but he has spent 4.2M to reach out of court settlements with 23 of the 24 women. Did nothing wrong, but has spent 2.1M in legal fees.

Is willing to lose at least 345,000 of this year’s aalary by accepting the Discipline Officer’s recommendation of a 6-game suspension.

Not good enough for the NFL.

Enraged by the predatory personality he displayed, the egregious actions he did to the therapist, and his outright lack of remorse, the league went back to an arbitrator, as was their right, asking for a 12-game suspension and an 8M fine.

Then there is a Browns team, trading 3-first round picks to Houston for Watson. And giving him a back end loaded 230M-totally guaranteed contract to come to Cleveland to be their star quarterback.

You always wonder if there is some type of salary cap violation by the Browns, knowing their QB would be disciplined, structuring and delaying payment of the 230M till next year.

The Browns want to start Watson in their first preseason game, to sell tickets and excite their fans. Probably trying to make them forget the franchise has had 33-different starting quarterbacks since the 1999 season.

Oh this is sleazy in every dark corner in the league office, the Browns facility and Watson’s home.

The NFL is furious at Watson’s public stance. The other 31-owners are enraged that owner Jim Haslam was allowed to bend the salary cap rules with this contract. The victims are angry, feeling the NFL did little to help them thru the worst episodes of their life. People ripped the NFL Union’s stance that since there was no indictment, no charges, there should be no suspension.

Nice credibility for everyone involved.

But here comes NFL preseason games this weekend, and opening day in 4-weeks.

We see if Watson gets a year long suspension based on the NFL appeal. His union can do nothing about the final decision. They agreed to the appeal process in the Collective Bargaining agreement. They probably never thought they’d see something so distasteful from one of their own clients.

It’s amazing what has transpired in Cleveland. They wanted an adult in the QB room, so they ran off QB-Baker Mayfield. Now they have sex peervert on their roster.

The next 48-hours will likely decide whether he plays this year for the Browns.

One thing for certain, alot of people will look very differently now at Deshaun Watson from this day forward. This entire Houston Texans episode will be stapled to his driver’s license, resume and reputation going forward.

Everybody’s read it. Everybody knows it. And no number of TDs or wins will wash away the stain, what Watson has made himself.

It’s in black and white, it’s in neon lights for one and all to see.


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