1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “NFL–What Do You Think Now?”

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“NFL–What Do You Think Now?”


He took a knee to stand-up for what he viewed was wrong in America.

We are in the 9th day of the civic unrest across America.

The riots have calmed down, the peaceful demonstrations have increased, but the damage has been forever done.

And now people are starting to reflect on what has just happened.

Murder charges in the 2nd degree and accessory to murder against three other cops, now formally filed.

But it does not really change anything, for George Floyd is dead, the billions of dollars of damages in the looting and fires will impact thousands for a long time.

The rage, the anguish, the disappointment, the sadness and all
should be carried with us each morning we get up.

Responses have come from all points of sports.

Three of the most vocal in the NFL all revolve around what Colin Kaeperneck  did a couple of years ago.

He knelt during the National Anthem.  Teammates did the same.  Playes around the league.  Then owners too.

But what he was trying to say, the on-going racial inequity in America was drowned out by all of us, screaming and yelling about his disrespect for the American flag.

Now years later, we have two pictures burned into our mind, Kaep taking a knee, and the knee across by the neck of George Floyd.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, a proponent of getting Kaeperneck back into the NFL said Wednesday…”we owe a tremendous amount of respect to Colin Kaeperneck, for taking a knee against racial inequality”.

Saints coach Sean Payton, viewing a bigger picture of society was more succinct.  “George Floyd was murdered-not killed-on video.  22-weeks from today you can vote for a change”

Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson was more pointed.  “The NFL’s treatment of Kaeperneck gives the league a black eye….We should understand and appreciate what he did in a courageous moment….This was not 1-incident,  nor just 1-bad cop-this was knowing history….White Players in the NFL now need to stand together with us and say Enough is Enough.”

Since his exile from the NFL, now three years removed, we have learned more what the 49ers quarterback did.

We found out how he personally financed after school food-education programs for underprivledged inner city kids in San Francisco and Oakland.

He became a driving force funding and building a children’s hospital in Ghana, where his ancestors lived.

He has helped fund programs for prisoners in a ‘life after prison’ program.

He has done so much while minorities have continued to die in the streets of America at the hands of police brutality, under what Donal Trump says is a ‘law-and-order’ president.

More and more in the sports world have come front and center to say ‘we believe’ something is wrong, and ‘enough is enough’.

Colin Kaeperneck doesn’t have a job any longer in the NFL.

In a league that prides itself on charitable donations, maybe they should hire him to lead a ‘racial equality’ program on behalf of the league.

In a league that never says ‘we were wrong’, maybe they could say it now by relinking with Kaeperneck to make America a better place to live.

I’ll ask the NFL…”What Do You Think Now”…about Kaeperneck?


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