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Padres-No Joy”


“There is No Joy in Mudville” is what the historic baseball poem says.”

There should be no joy in Pardres-ville either…a good man lost is job.

Jayce Tingler might not have been a good manager, but he came off as a classy man.

The most lasting memory for me about the man himself, was the night of the shootings in Nationals Park, when he went into the stands to bring fans down into the Padres dugout out of danger.

He didn’t do a good game-night job, as witnessed by the epic collapse of a so-called pennant contender.  Done in by a wide variety of issues in what turned out to be a summer of setbacks.

Lost games, the 16-inning Dodgers loss, the fiasco of all time when he ran out of players, had his pitchers playing in the outfield, running the bases too.  Lost 36-of his last 48-games.

Lost the clubhouse likely too, though none of the underachievers would put their names next to a public quote.

Lost his starting pitching staff, 5-of-the 7- in the rotation wound up on the disabled list or under the surgeon’s knee.

Lost his relationship with his General Manager, the guy who gave him the job because he liked the fact Tingler ‘was always playing the game in his mind’.  Sadly it did not equate to his team playing well on the field.

Hard to say who made the final decision, Peter Seidler…former leader Ron Fowler…Preller…or the cadre of high priced underachiever players on the roster.

As a side note, find me anyone aside from Tatis-Machado you believe is worth the kind of blank check contract Preller gave them.

So now Preller has to go find another manager.  And he has to do it with everyone around the nation knowing he fired the last 3-managers and has had 30-coaches leave since 2015.  Nice working atmosphere?

Marquee names like Bruce Bochy, with 3-rings with the Giants; Buck Showalter-World Series with the Yankees-Diamondbacks-Orioles; ex Texas manager Ron Washingtoh, at the top of the list.

It begs the big question, since this is indeed Preller’s team, will old school managers want to work for a GM who wants to dictate everything, from teaching philosophy, to batting orders and bullpen use?

Last I checked all those managers have World Series rings, the GM has 6-losing seasons and 1-Pandemic shortened summer on his resume and now a threadbare farm system..

Preller’s track record is one of impulse.  The so-called rock star GM overspent on tons of players, and has since traded 30-away, to get 11-veterans and a roster that blew its pennant chances.  Rock star or a 1-hit wonder?

He is now (0-3) on hirings-firings of managers in San Diego too.

And we know the amount  of money he burned thru to try and build a team that would be branded ‘this is our decade’. That didn’t happen.  And I believe that is why Ron Fowler walked away from the ownership day-to-day job.  He did not agree with the business model.

So on we go.  Another Padres managerial search.  Hoping for a better future but understanding this has been a lousy past we are experiencing….10-losing seasons in the last 11-years.

No Joy in Mudville, the Mighty Casey (Tingler) has struck out.

If this doesn’t work, the next firing press conference should be the General Manager.


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