1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Thursday. “Padres Spending Spree-Manager Spouts Off”

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“Padres Baseball–Now”


No finer words heard anywhere this time of the year.

Pitchers and Catchers-Report.

Digging out of a snow drift in the Northeast…
Navigating ice-coated highways in Texas..
Waiting for the Polar Vortex to leave behind -45 wind chills.

The first day of spring training camps in Arizona and Florida.

Baseball, where spring hopes..always spring eternal.

So much expected from the Padres.  Anticipation.  Excitement.


The contract extension, rich, lucrative, expensive for the 340M-man…14-years worth of ‘El Nino’… Fernando Tatis

The deals to bring in 3-starting pitchers and 2-more relievers make a difference.

Manager Jayce Tingler’s first meeting with the media in Peoria:

..There is a buzz to the opening of this camp
..We must eliminate the noise..the media attention
..It is time to take the next step
..Dinelson Lamet has done everything we want-bullpens to workouts
..Lamet will take things step-by-step..bullpens..BPs..then games
..My goal..protect the arms in this rotation..
..We must prepare to go from 60-game schedule to 162-games
..Yes likely 6-man rotation..we play 24 games in first 25-days
..We will build depth in the bullpen
..Health of this team is most important aspect of spring
..There are too many arm injuries in MLB-we must be cautious
..Our rotation has alot of options
..Not putting innings cap on any of our starters
..We have alot of Boxes to check off with our bullpen
..Blake Snell-alot of confidence he is more than 5-inning pitcher
..Yu Darvish-a unique story..ton of success last year and a half
..Darvish-manipulates ball alot..in attack mode
..Chris Paddack-must transfer his bullpen sessions to the mound
..Paddack has ‘hop’ on his fastball..make other pitches better
..Morejon-Weathers-Gore..believe in talent,,real opportunities
..Young pitchers have six weeks to find their roles
..We will stretch out Weathers-Morejon-Baez to be 2-inning pitchers
..Bullpen-ton of options-will have open competition for closers
..Open to different options with all these relievers
..Preparing not have a ‘DH’ this year
..We have options for ‘DH’ if NL adapts it during spring
..Hardening of ball-have not noticed it..see how pitchers react
..We want to win the battle of the strike zone
..Batters go deep in counts
..Pitchers get ahead of batters early
..We made great strides in managing strike zone last year
..C-Luis Campusano in camp for 2-weeks..plans on playing


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