1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “PGA Golf-Controversies Everywhere”

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“PGA Golf-Controversy Everywhere”


it should be a week to celebrate a great accomplishment on the pro tour at the PGA championships in Tulsa.

A week to remember the fan’s man, Phil Mickelson, and what he did a year ago this time, with the PGA’s at age 50, the oldest player ever to win a major.  No, not Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Arnie Palmer, tue Phil.

He’s not teeing off in the first round.  He has withdrawn.

He has been off the tour for 3-months, sitting thru a dark period of his life.

His carrer has come unglued after his public denouncement of the PGA leadership over its distribution of money to the players.  He criticism of the Saudi government for its treatment of people.

All this all the time he has an offer of guaranteed money to join Greg Norman’s LIV-tour abroad.

Mickelson loses all his sponsors.  He has lost the backing of alot of the players on the tour, including Tiger Woods.  He has yet to meet with PGA boss Jay Monahan.

His attempt to get a waiver from the tour to play in London in the first Sauid event, was denied, along with 11-other golfers who applied.

So what does Phil do?  Go against the tour and take guaranteed money and go play in London on June 9th?  Does he risk a suspension?  Does he lose his tour card.

If that was not enough, now the money issues swirling about Phil’s gambling debt losses, his addiction to gambling, his choice of sleazy friends now in prison, and two books coming out detailing Mickelson’s off the course activities.

That’s what the bulk of the conversation was all week in Tulsa, about Phil, what he did, how he should be treated.

Tiger Woods.has returned to the tour and answered questions about his health, his foot, his knee, his back.

But he spent more time condemning Mickelson for what he did to the tour.

It’s odd, Woods, a person with such a tainted personal background, would step over the line to nail Mickelson.

I don’t remember Phil admonishing Tiger over his extra marital affairs with at least 11-women.  Don’t remember Phil talking about Tiger’s pain killer or alcohol issues, or his serious auto accident in which he never answered any questions about.

It’s like the golf media and the golf fans have forgiven Woods for being a blatant womanizer, or a substance abuser…but everyone is going after Mickelson.

Off the course people are talking too about Bryson DeChambeau’s attitude towards the fans and his injuries.  Talking about the step back Xander Schaufele’s career has taken.  Talking about Ricky Fowler’s failures in majors dating back to 2004.  Talking about Jon Daly, who tees off first, weighing some 300 pounds with his smokes-suds-sticks as his playing partner.

What a messy time on the tour.  The PGA drawing the line in the sand, taking the hard line against the Super League.

No Phil.  Lots of Tiger.  A ton of controversies.

Should be a week to celebrae what Mickelson did a year ago this week.  Instead  there’s all this garbage to deal with.

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