1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “SDSU-You’ve Got to Be Kidding”

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“You Have to Be Kidding Me”


They’re back at it, these on-campus activist at San Diego State.

At the height of the popularity of its athletic programs, the Schools Student Senate has voted a resolution, asking the Aztecs Warrior…the official mascot since 1941, be removed.

Because he carries a spear…because he uses it as a weapon of violence, the senate believes it is a ‘bad look’ for the university.

And while they are at it, they want the school to re-examine the nickname, Aztecs, used for nearly 90-years on campus.


Political correctness?

It’s sports. It’s action.

The Aztec Warrior, the former Monty Montezuma-what’s wrong with him.

It’s a symbol of courage.

The name, an honor to the past civilizations, the tribe who lived for centuries in Mexico.

I’d think the Student Senate would have better uses for resources. More pressing matters on campus

Sexual assault on campus. Computer hacking. Drug issues. Social unrest. Alcohol.

It boggles the mind, that something as trivial of a nickname and a mascot would draw this much attention on campus.

What next? Change the name to Tulips and colors to pink?

SDSU-find a priority problem, and fix it. Leave a very successful athletic program alone.


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