1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Teams in Town-What I Think:

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“Teams in Town–What I Think”


CHARGERS…an emotion three days since they jettisoned QB-Philip Rivers.  He goes on the market as a marquee two year rental for an NFL team close to winning….Hard to believe GM-Tom Telesco-responding to criticism of dumping a potential Hall of Famer…’we have options in house”.  C’mon now.  Does that mean Bolts might trade out of the 6th slot to stockpile more draft picks and fill the other holes on the roster and put off for another year drafting the next QB on roster.  C’mon now-tell me I didn’t hear wrong….Bolts have 55M in cap space and lots of business to get done-now the question-do key players want to stay on a team without Philip Rivers.

AZTECS….Somebody should tell the truth in this whole Jack Sears transfer from USC-to-SDSU-to out the door.  Who tampered with this kid?  Why would this quarterback not want to come in the front door and be a starter for two years under a new ‘pass happy’ offensive coordinator?  Where’s he going?  No one knows yet, and lots of guys have already signed, graduate transfers included.

PADRES…Pitchers and catchers begin their bullpen sessions in Peoria.  In memory of the late GM-Kevin Towers, who never stopped looking at pitching, this GM-AJ Preller has dragged in 38-pitchers to camp.  Does not look like there are too many slots on that pitching staff open as of now, though arm issues can change the makeup of a staff even while the Cactus League is going on…..No Fernando Tatis in centerfield despite the  eruption of social media about that topic on the table…Interested in seeing how the Padres solve the relationship of what did not happen this winter-the attempts to trade both Will Myers and Austin Hedges….Now both in the clubhouse still-stuck on a team that didn’t want them..just like a team stuck with their contracts….and it goes on and on.

AZTECS….Lost in the noise and excitement of this (25-0) season is the fact junior power forward Matt Mitchell and teammate Yanni Wetzel are in the running for MWC-Player of the year honors…Can you say ‘slam dunk’ on either or both.

GULLS…No one has them on anyone’s radar in our community….Attendance is down….Callups to the Ducks are up…but you know what….since that bad (0-6) start…this team is (22-12-4)…and playing hard behind G-Anthony Stolarz and under guidance of Coach Kevin Dineen.


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  1. Doug says:

    Are chargers still in san diego

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