1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “The NFL-Quarterback Derby”

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“NFL Quarterback Derby”


The era is Seattle is officially over.
In Denver they are hoping for a rebirth
In Washington, desperate people do desperate things
In Green Bay, the uncertainty is over for sure.
In Houston, they just don’t know the future
In Carolina they don’t have a path.

Quite a 24-hours in the NFL as the QB carousel spun out of control on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Seattle moved Russell Wilson in a steep price trade with Denver.  Wilson was the last member of the Super Bowl Seahawks, victimized by a franchise that let the talent level fall apart around him.  This will be a long rebuild.

The Broncos, who went thru 10-different starting quarterbacks since Peyton Manning’s retirement, paid a big price.  Two first round picks, two second round picks, a 5th, plus QB-Drew Lock, talented TE-No0ah Fant and DT-Shelby Harris.  The NFL has not seen this type of  deal since the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings Hershel Walker, 15-for-1 trade in the 1980s.

Seattle cleared some 36M in cap space with the exits of Wilson and LB-Bobby Wagner.  That era is over.  Denver is excicted because now they have a quality QB to face off against all the other firepower QBs in the AFC-West, Mahomes in Kansas City, Herbert with the Chargers, Derek Carr and the Raiders.

Then Indianapolis, in surprise move, dumped QB-Carson Wentz, shipping him to the threadbare Washington Commanders.  The deal might have been driven by personality issues with Frank Reich, or leadership issues in the huddle.  It was  Wentz out the door for two #3 picks.  This a year after the Colts gave up a 1-and-3 to get Wentz  from the Eagles.

In Green Bay, the high drama is over.  Aaron Rodgers stays and plays with coach  Matt LaFleur.  They’ve gone (41-10) together in 3-seasons.  He also gets a new 4-year deal that could be worth 50M per season.  And they retained WR-Davante Adams with the franchise tag.

We’re not done dealing for sure.

Houston will move controversial Deshaun Watson, maybe to Seattle, if his legal issues get resolved.

Carolina doesn’t really want Sam Darnold nor Cam Newton, so something will happen there.  Might Watson, who played across the state line in Clemson, might go home.

And San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo is in play, and could possibly wind up with the Colts.  There is so much uncertainty in Indianapolis.  They went from Andrew Luck, to Jacoby Brissett to Wentz and now they have no one.

And who knows about the situation in New Orleans.  Jameis Winston is unsigned and coming off an injury and Taysom Hill is banged up.

Kenny Pickett of Pitt is an unfinished product.  Malik Wills comes from a small college program at Liberty.  Those are the only likely first round picks.

There’s hardly anything available in free agency and history shows you don’t win with journeyman career backups.

We’re not done dealing, and now we storm towards the NFL draft.  Rumors and surprises are in store.

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