1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “The Price is Right-NFL Style”

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“The Price is Right-NFL Style”


Back in the day on old television, they played the “Price is Right”…Bob Barker yelling ‘C’mon down’.

The modern day version is now played by Roger Goodell and the 32-NFL owners.

Pay the price, get to keep your team. Fail to do so, and watching the moving vans take your team away.

And so the Chargers officially exit San Diego, paying the 12.8M termination fee of their lease.

The Raiders are in scramble mode, to come up with 650M additional financing, now that they have lost two of their big backers for the Las Vegas project.

In San Diego, there may be movement behind the scenes to find a way to come up with the financing, to try and become a player in the Raiders situation, lure them here, rather than have them stay in Oakland.

Is there a way to do all this?

Yes the Raiders can go back to Oakland and play in the Black Hole another year or two. But would you rather be in San Diego in the sunshine, or a stadium where the sewage backs up?

Of course it all has to be tied into a comittment to come up with 1.6-to-1.8B dollars to get a new stadium built in Mission Valley.

Look for San Diego to go back to bits and pieces of what they wanted to do with the CSAG plan. But now there are new players in the mix. Now there is another revenue stream and maybe additional ideas to make this happen.

Follow my math:

100M-San Diego State
54M-State Funds-River Park
100M-FS-Soccer Investors
625M-Sale of Qualcomm land to FS for development.

That gets you to 1.8B, what you needed for an NFL Stadium. It alleivates the drain of maintenance of the crumbling Q. You have a developer to sublet projects for the other aspects of the Friars Road sight.

And you do all that by getting city-county approval by a 50%–plus-1 vote.

Goodell spent 45-minutes covering lots of storylines in the NFL. Headlining the conversation was ‘Deflategate’…..then the San Diego-Las Vegas situations. That’s where the bulk of the questions come from.

The NFL said they would not approve a casino owner as a co-owner of an NFL team or a facility. The end of a piece of the Las Vegas-Raiders financing plan.

The Commissioner dropped a hint, making light of history, that cities, who lost teams, then built stadiums, got replacement teams. The Ravens in Baltimore…Browns to Cleveland…Texans to replace the Oilers in Houston.

Of course, he stood up there and tried to sell the nationwide media that owner Dean Spanos did everything for 15-years to try and get a stadium built, when we know he did nothing with the city and county the last calendar year. Shame on that piece of revisionhist history.

But as Spanos is looking forward, so should San Diego. Create a financing plan, make a push for the Raiders.

The critics will be out in force. Don’t want the Raiders. Won’t get even a 50-plus-1 vote. Mayor too busy getting ready to run for governor. Etc.Etc.Etc.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Make the calls, take my math, see if you can get it done.

Maybe this time, our price in San Diego, proves the price is indeed right.


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