1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Tiger & Trauma”

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“Tiger & Trauma”


Tell me this thought did not flash into your mind on Wednesday when you heard or read the headline…”Tiger Woods-Seriously Injured”

My first thought…”Oh no-Kobe Bryant all over again”.

Tiger Woods has survived, but his injuries from the terrible Ranchos Palos Verde accident are very severe.

It could have been worse.

As his SUV careened across oncoming lanes-he could have been hit.
He could have been ejected as the SUV flipped at least 3-times.
He could have been trapped in a fire.

His road back will be long…even more challenging than from the five back surgeries he had…and the 5-knee scopes he has had.

Doctors updated the media on Wednesday.

Tiger Woods…Remains heavily sedated at UCLA Medical Center after surgeries on right leg for severe injuries.  Doctors updates”
..2-Open fractures of upper-lower right leg
..Inserted Rods-Screws-Pins in both area of legs
..Broken Tibia and Fibula
..Surgery to remove muscle around bones to control swelling
..Shattered-fragmented bones in right ankle
..Damaged muscles and tissues around lower leg
..Foot-ankle injuries very serious..may consider fusion surgery
..Leave wounds open to fight infection potential in bone damaged
..Facing more multiple surgeries
..Not considering any amputation
..These individual injuries are serious..combined injuries-complex
..Likely 12-to-24 months rehab from multiples of injuries

Tiger Woods….LA Police-no charges against Woods..it was accident-not crime issue….Woods was on way to do TV shoot with NFL-QBs Drew Brees-Justin Herbert at time of accident…Was late and was speeding.


Coming back from 1-of the injuries would be a challenge.  Coming back from injuries to at least 4-different parts of his leg, will have to entail a combination of medical greatness, his fortitude, and help from above.

He gave us thrills.  He took spills in life.  He had his own resurrection in recent years.  He will get enormous support going forward from alot of people on the tour, at least emotionally if not spiritually.

You hope for the best.  You hope we don’t have to report the worst.

Tiger Woods has left his mark on the game.
I hope he gets the chance to be golf’s next great ambassador.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Tiger & Trauma””

  1. Bill Malsch says:

    Hey Lee,
    This is off topic, but I need to comment on the rumor about going to Brewers: I don’t know who started this rumor, but it’s quite foolish and flat out will not happen. It kinda falls into the “make believe” or fantasy world.

    I’m a Brewer fan, but also a Padres fan. I love what the Padres are doing for sure, but Yelich will sign with the Brewers long term. Now I could see a Brewer pitcher going to the Padres this year, say Hauser or even Hader.

  2. Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

    Far fetched but anything possible if you wind up swapping dollars and adding pitching for the Brewers to get…

    Vader makes sense as a short term acquisition….

    Shall wait and see what happens.

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