1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Tom Brady Leaves-Lots Reaction”

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“The Enemy–Greatest of All Time”


We should all honor him, despite who he is, how he acts, what he represents.

He being Tom Brady, who has decided to retire after 23-years of brilliance, excellence, records, and Super Bowl trophy raisins.

Why do you dislike Tom Brady?  Is it an extension of the dislike towards Bill Belichick’s method of operation?  Is it because of all the games the two of them won together?  Is it because of the ownership success of Robert Kraft?

Is it his standoff personality, his condescending nature, his wealth, his business acumen, his smirky smile?

It is odd in a sports world where we demand accomplishments, it appears what Brady has done  will never be accomplished again, and yet there just seems to be universal dislike of the person.

You must admit, the statistics are staggering:
..7-Super Bowl rings
..6-Super Bowl wins with the Pats..1-with Tampa Bay
..10-Super Bowl appearances
..3-NFL MVP awards
..5-Super Bowl MVP honors
..23-year career
..15 Pro Bowls
..251-career wins
..35-13 record playoff games
..89,314-yards..649-TD passes
..88TDs in 48-playoff games
..NFL record 46-come from behind wins
..NFL record 40-wins after trailing by 10-points
..303M in earnings in his career

All this from a 6th round draft pick, taken 199th in the draft.

Maybe the angst is because of the money he made.  His celebrity marriage to his actress wife Ghiselle.  Maybe the ugly divorce.  Maybe the success of his off field business TB12-training clinics.  Or the fact he may have lost 45M of his wealth in the collapse of Crypto Currency.

Life has been good to him, just 1-major injury.

The people he worked for, from his coach, to his former owner Bob Kraft, to the Tampa Bay gang, to players around the league, have all universally praised him, for bringing to each team a ‘standard’ of excellence they had never seem before.

His next career will be just fine, whether that is as a Fox TV analyst or whatever he chooses.

Is he the greatest QB of all time?  That covers a ton of eras, dating from the legendary Otto Graham to Peyton Manning to Tom Brady, and that’s another argument for another time.

Brady likely goes on a Mt Rushmore in sports, with Babe Ruth..Michael Jordan..Tiger Woods…Serena Williams and more.

And yet there are critics seemingly everywhere, some in the media, a ton of it on ‘un-social media’.

The accomplishments are staggering.  He checks all the boxes that are important to me.

Why do you dislike him?

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