1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “What’s the Outcome on These Players”

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“What’s the outcome on these players”



The NFL investigation into the sexual escapades of former Houston QB-Deshaun Watson is over.

He was interviewed twice by the NFL’s lead investigator, who also interviewed at least 3-of the 22-women who filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against Watson.

Interesting testimony though.  The 3-women admitted they have consensual sex with Watson after he propositioned them during massage therapy.

Sources say the other 19-women confirmed they did not have affairs with the scrambling sexual predator quarterback.

Is it illegal to proposition women?  That suddenly becomes the big question.  If he never assaulted them, never touched them, is it a crime to ask them to have sex with him?

Is his conduct over the line?  That becomes a big question for the NFL Discipline officer who will make the recommendation on sanctions against Watson to Commissioner Roger Goodall.

This wasn’t a rape.  It was not an assault.  It was seedy conduct by a star NFL player on the prowl

A decision is coming, probably in a week.  Bet he gets 6-games at most.




Trevor Bauer’s appeal hearing on his 324-game suspension and 62M-loss of salary began on Monday in front of an arbitrator.

His case is not cut and dried, it’s complicated.  It looks as if this is ‘he said-she said’.

3-women have come forward to testify to MLB investigators they were all involved in rough sex relationships with the Dodgers pitcher, some in LA, some in Cleveland, some in Columbus.

All 3-admitted they were into kinky stuff, but said they never gave approval to strangulation or anal sex as being part of the experience.

There are photos, that Bauer claims were doctored.  There are text messages in which the women said they would approve of the rough sex  approach.

Medical records are few and far between.  Witness credibility has become a big issue with one woman.

MLB has dealt harshly in domestic abuse cases, with suspensions ranging from 20-games to 162-until the record 2-year suspension to Bauer.

But again, we have the gray area, what he says happened, vs what the women say occurred.

The decision here will likely be harsh because the incidents are so far over the line of decency.

The records will be sealed for sure once testimony is completed.

It may take four more weeks before the arbitrator renders a decision, likely at least a year’s suspension because the acts were violent, even if the women initially approved.

Hard to draw the line between rough sex, consensual sex, and sexual assault.

Trevor Bauer’s career could be over.  Deshaun Watson’s career will be a bit delayed.  No one in LA wants Bauer to represent that franchise.  Cleveland will hide behind the shield all this happened when Watson was in Houston-and not their employee.  Though there is a bad precedent to gove that player a 230M-guaranteed contract while awaiting discipline.  Guess if you can win games and throw TD passes not he field, Browns ownership doesn’t care what you did off the field.

Both have destroyed their reputations, regardless of what their talent level might still be.





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