1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tueday. “The NFL-The Salary Cap-NFL Problems”

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‘NFL-vs-Salary Cap’


The NFL season is upon us.
Franchise Tags coming.
Veteran Player Releases.
Free Agent Signings.
The NFL Draft.
Signing Undrafted Free Agents.

The NFL Salary Cap numbers for each team are out, and the picture isn’t pretty.

Teams have yet to see what the Salary Cap total is, though many believe it will drop from 198M last year to 183M this year because of the loss of 3B-in revenue because of the Pandemic.

Teams have players who will get pay raises under old contracts.
Teams have to make tender offers to their young players
Teams need to re-sign their marquee free agents
Teams must set aside money for draft picks
Teams need to spend money on undrafted free agents.

How do you do that if you do not have alot of cap space?

You be the GM.  You be the capologist. You solve the problem for your team.

Jacksonville and incoming coach Urban Meyer have over 84M space.  The Jets have 77M.  Bill Belichick-Patriots with 66M space.

At the other end, the Saints (48M)..Rams (35M)..Eagles (34M)..Chiefs (22M) are all over the cap and facing a real crisis.

Buffalo-Raiders-Steelers have next to nothing to spend (3-to-7M) and they have players to re-sign.

16 of the NFL teams have 25M or less to spend headed by the Chargers.

9-teams are still way over the salary cap.

It leaves just 7-teams with real cap space, 30M or more.

Can you say lots of trouble for lots of teams and likely lots of players on the free agent market.

Can you say 1-year contracts for a lot of players this year till we come out of the pandemic.

The pandemic has made it harrowing.  Take a look and what teams have or don’t have, as free agency arrives.



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