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CHARGERS….Do they keep or let Brandon Staley go as Head Coach.  He is universally liked within that lockeroom.  He is refrseshsing, candid, smart, unafraid.  He has been victimized by tons of injuries.  He has two years to on his deal.  Keep him

WHO GOES…Has to be an evaluation of of Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi, over play calling, use of personnel, and inability to make adjustments to what defensive coaches do to his offense.  Is it all the injuries or is it deeper than that?  Defensive Coordiantor Renaldo Hill has to be looked at because of poor play in run defense and the secondary, but this is the same guy who came up with the game plans to beat Miami and nearly beat Jacksonville.

JUSTIN HERBERT…3-straight brilliant seasons but a burning question.  Why does a 6’6-QB get so many passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage?  Not firing over the top or too many sidearm passes?  Young offensive line not blasting pass rushers keeping their arms down?  Something to work on after the season ended badly.  He had 7-passes deflected Saturday night in Jacksonville.

RAMS..Searching for a new Offensive Coordinator.  Can you say Shane Waldron-currently in Seattle?  Bill O’Brien-currently at Alabama?

TOM BRADY…Final game in Tampa Bay?  Final game in the NFL?  Is free agency ahead-a la Raiders?  Stay tuned.

LAMAR JACKSON…Who’s the bad guy in all this, the quarterback or the team? He is hurt.  Does not have a contract for next year.  He wanted a fully guaranteed (5Y-200M) like the wild guarantee the Browns gave Deshaun Watson.  The Ravens said no to a full guarantee.  This is a mess.

JIM GAROPPOLO…He will be ready to play next year, the question is where?  And ideal resume, ready made-smart guy, just has to stay healthy.  Jets, Carolina, Houston?

DEREK CARR…Mystery man no doubt.  Strong leader.  Decent stats.  But a (69-80) career won loss record.  Was it him or the lousy Raiders roster around him?  He has a full no trade clause contract, so he can dictate terms in a deal, or just wait for an outright release and then sign where he wants as a free agent.

BAKER MAYFIELD…Did his cameo appearance at the end of the year influence  the Rams enough to keep him as the starter of the future?  Does someone have to run a specific type offense to allow him to excel?  Where does he wind up next, as a starter or a backup?

THE DRAFT…Bryce Young-Alabama…CJ Stroud-Ohio State are headed to the draft and could go inside the top 3-picks.  Oddly the Bears have the first pick and are aligned with sparkling young QB-Justin Fields.  Shall be interesting off season to see if anyone trades up to get a QB.

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