1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “A Padres Notebook”

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Spraying shots to all fields covering baseball:

PADRES CROWDS…20-sellouts already at home-superb, but fans have started booing the Padres at home, and there were a ton of Cubs fans in the stands, meaning Padres fans are selling off their tickets.

PITCHING STAFFS…Some dominant starts of late, some dazzling outings from Darvish-Musgrove-Wacha and even Snell.  Wait to see if this becomes the norm with this rotation.

BULLPEN..Alot of calls to the pen already for Steve Wilson and he’s been really reliable.  But way too many games already.  Candidate for dead arm.

DEAD IN CENTER…Trent Grisham was hot and cold in Milwaukee. He has been mostly AWOL in San Diego when hitting.  That’s 9M a year for a guy to hit (.133) the last group of weeks, and (.193) for the season and (.198) since 2021. Gold Glove yes, tarnished bat for sure.  What to do.

CRONE ZONE…Jake Cronenworth is hitting (.200) and scouting reports have found holes in his game.  Does play great defense, including the move to first.  But he seems lost at the plate.  Pitchers have caught up to him.

GARY SANCHEZ…Flashing home run power like he did as a young catcher with the Yaniees.  But that all disappeared as he moved to 3-other teams.  The Twins didn’t see it, the Mets did not, the Giants couldn’t find it.  If he can hit a few homers and throw guys out trying to steal, maybe you can accept him hitting in the low 200s.  Alot better than those (.160) averages he had other places.

UNSUNG HERO…Ha Seong-Kim keeps doing it msot nights…grat defense…timely hits…and urging from the sellout crowds “Go-Kim-Go”, somehthing akin to fans at Toronto hockey games, where they yell ‘Go-Leafs-Go”.

WOUNDED ELBOW…Just don’t think we will ever see Drew Pomeranz pitch again.  The recurring forearm elbow flareups have happened three times this season.  They gave him some 35M to sign despite a history of arm problems and he’s had more shutdowns hee.  A decent career as a starter into a reliever, robbed by injuries

HURTING FOR CERTAIN..It’s been a challenge with injuries to the bullpen brigade.  Luis Carcia the latest to go down with arm problems.  Adrian Morejon is not back yuet.  Robert Suarez has been gone since week two spring training. Jose Castillo’s career has stalled, injury after injury. And the same for Michel Baez.

GOOD TO SEE…3rd base coach Matt Williams, coming back from cancer surgery, going thru all this chemo, and still being in the clubhouse and the 3rd base coaches box.  Attacking the disease like he hit in the batters box, all heart.

TV…Good to see Mike Pomeranz-Mark Sweeney remain in the mix doing streamlined pre-post game shows.  The Padres though are missing the mark.  Way too much emphasis on geek stats,velo, launch angle, pitching staffs trends.  No coverage at all of the out-of-town scoreboard.  No reason they cannot utilize their talent to do score updates in the 3rd-6th-8th innings.  So many other games each night, and all we get is non stop Padres filler content.  Cover the other 15-games each night.  Serve all the baseball fans.


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