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It’s not what we expected to see, the disarray in the AFC-West.  Hop-scotching around the division.

CHIEFS…Not a perfect start to the season, for lots of reasons.  Andy Reid laments the turnovers on offense.  The fans and media should lament the constant changes in the roster that for the first time seem not to be working.  The free agent loss of LT-Orlando Brown to Cincinnati, has put more protection problems on the shoulders of Patrick Mahomes.

The wide receiver group is young and inconsistent.  You’d expect more from a younger veteran like Kadarius Toney, but he has not delivered with any consistency.  Dropped  passes, sloppy routes, unable to shed DBs, are all part of the equation.  The same for 2nd year wideout Skyy Moore.  They just have not done the job, yet.

Travis Kelce cannot do it by himself and this team does seem to miss departed free agents like Ju Ju Smith and Mecole Hardman, who were key contributors a year ago.  There is no Tyreek Hill on the roster anymore.

And there is no Eric Bieniemy as offensive coordinator, who not only was strong as an X-O guy but who coached those receivers hard in practice.  This year’s group sure does not look like, nor act like, nor run the routes, the Chiefs have in the past.

CHARGERS…On paper, they look so dangerous, on offense.  So much expected from incoming offensive coordinator Kellen Moore linking with QB-Justin Herbert.  They are completing alot of passes, but the big chunk plays have yet to surface.

The season ending knee injury for WR-Mike Williams hurts.  TE-Gerald Everett has not caught as many balls as expected.  And Austin Eckeler’s high ankle sprain has taken away the run game and the outlet passes to him.

On paper there were questions about the defense.  On the field the questions are still there, stopping the run, defending the pass.  And the expulsion of high priced CB-JC Jackson has hurt the team’s depth. The record is an unimpressive (2-2).

And don’t look now what’s next on the schedule, an angry two loss Cowboys team, two games to come with the Chiefs, plus Detroit, Buffalo, and Baltimore.

RAIDERS…I am so impressed with QB-Jim Garoppolo.  He manages games so well, can win some for you, and is (41-19) as a starter, from New England to San Francisco and now in Las Vegas.

We know about the greatness of Davante Adams, isn’t it about time to unveil top tight end Mike Mayers?  And will Josh Jacobs become a force running the ball like he was a year ago.  So far he has been MIA.

So many unanswered questions though about this team.  Any pass rush help coming for Maxx Crosby?  Can the secondary actually cover anyone?  Who in the world will surface as trustworthy pass blockers to protect the QB.

And a bigger question, about Josh McDaniels.  Not much of a record when he got fired in Denver.  Now an unimpressive-spotty  record again, this time with the Raiders.  As a head coach-he might be a good offensive coordinator.

BRONCOS…Haven’t won a home game yet this season.  There was the (70-20) Miami oss.  The Jets ran for (242Y) on Sunday against what used to be a good Denver defense.

Russell Wilson is playing better this year, but there is no run game, and 4-top receivers have been hurt from the start of camp on.

Sean Payton has his hands full.  Many thought he would hit the floor running with success.  It’s been nothing but problems, blowouts, injury lists and hurt players so far.

Lots of games left, but the AFC-West has been the worst so far.


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