1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Antonio Brown–One Player-One Team-Lots of Problems”

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“Antonio Brown–What Does It Say About the Man”


He’s coming back to the NFL after an 8-game suspension.  Another team is willing to take a chance on his talent, despite what his track record says about the person.

The legendary Steelers receiver has played one game, in New England, in a 22-month span.

A career sidetracked by lawsuits, arrests, a rape charge, confrontations with police, public feuds with his agents, lawyers, the Patriots and the Raiders, is about to get started again, this time in Tampa Bay.

History has always shown there is some team, some coach, out there, always willing to take a chance on talent, even if it is toxic.

Brown’s stat sheet in Pittsburgh was spectacular.  Over 800-receptions.  75-touchdowns.  13-yards per catch thru all those great seasons.  but he wore out his welcome with Ben Roethlisberger, then coach Mike Tomlin and the Rooney family ownership.

He was hired for the 2019-season by the Raiders, and promptly became such a distraction that new coach Jon Gruden and incoming GM-Mike Mayock walked away from him, eventhough Oakland desperately needed his veteran game breaking skill.

He attacked ownership, insulted the NFL, challenged the front office.  Enough is enough and he was gone.

From there to New England, where he was told to stay off social media, do what Bill Belichick and Tom Brady wanted.  That lasted 3-weeks of traiining camp, and 1-game, before he went out of control again on twitter.

As the opportunities drifted away in football, his social skill problems erupted of the field.

A lawsuit over vandalism in a condo he rented.  An assault of a moving van driver whom he owned money to.  A confrontation with the mother of his children.  A fierce argument with police in Florida.  And an ugly rape lawsuit filed by a woman who was a home decorator working for him.

The NFL, under seige for players conduct issues off the field, hit Brown with an 8-game suspension in the aftermath of all the issues.  He can return to the NFL in two weeks.

The signing in Tampa Bay is about talent, but also about need.  No nonsense coach Bruce Arians needs help at wide receiver.  His superstar Mike Evans has not stayed healthy.  His second best pass catcher Chris Godwin got hurt in camp and isn’t’ back.  They just lost third reciever Scotty Miller on Sunday.  And star tight end OJ Howard is gone for the year with an Achilles injury.

Tom Brady may have played a role in getting Brown to sign there rather than going to Baltimore or Seattle.

Brown is aging, now 34.  His track record is not good.  He is running out of time to get a big paycheck.  His track record precedes him in any front door he walks into now.

What does all this say about the NFL?  What does it say about the wide receiver?

That there is at least one team that views talent over toxicity.  And that this player, despite all he has done and said, will get another chance.  This chance, likely his last chance.

He has to play well. He has to stay out of trouble.  Do not know if he is a difference maker any longer.  He has to prove he can stay away from becoming another distraction on another team.

Once a star as a player, seems to be a failure as a person.

That’s who Antonio Brown was and is.


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