1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Aztecs Basketball–Might Be Best All Time”

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he college basketball season kicked off at San Diego, a win, but a sloppy performance in the first half, an explosive second half, on opening night, in an SDSU win over Cal State-Fullerton.

In modern day times at Viejas Arena, the Aztecs have had a Sweet 16-team led by Jakal Franklin.  They had a (30-2) team that never got to play in a cCovid-cancelled March Madness.

It’s been a nearly 15-year run of excellence from Steve Fisher to Brian Dutcher. But this year might be the best of modern times.

SDSU returns a ton of talent, led by C-Nathan Mensah, shooting guard Matt Bradley, a cross section of young bigs like Keshod Johnson, and the TCU-transfer Jaedon LeDee.

Add in an experienced Lemont Butler, the hi scoring transfer Darrion Trammell and role players like Adam Seiko, and this could be a very special winter on the Mesa.

The schedule is rugged, starting with BYU this Friday, a load of solid non conference games, an appearance in the Maui Classic, and a cross section of teams fromthe Pac 12.

A chance to sit and chat with 3-key members of the team-comments I thought Aztecs fans would enjoy:

(Matt Bradley)


..Biggest thing coming here was Covid..transferring from Cal….coming home and this school
..Grew alot in one year at SDSU
..Left Californis-was comfortable..time to get away
..View at SDSU…always thought about coming here
..Kawhi Leonard was from Inland Empite
..So impressed when they went 30-2
..Not sure West Coast media knows ow good this program is
..In Southern California..they understand all about
..Dutcher-coolest coach..players coach…allows us to make mistakes-grow from it
..His wisdom is special..true leader..doesn’t have to talk all the time
..His office always open to talk about life..about hoops
..Play defense or you won’t play here..got to defend to stay on the court
..Not selling me dreams..kept me real..told me what I had to hear
..Offense tough to come by…did not feel burden last year-had to play within myself
..They trusted my offense to be good and to find way to get points
..Chemistry was not there a year ago…did not jell immediately
..Took time to learn system
..Viejas… never played in atmosphere like that
..We are high major team..go to beat them-not just shoiw up to play
..I can only imagine if I was on opposing team having to face this
..Fans get us over the jump…fans locked in 40-minutes
..Horizon-not limit myself…Good year..then get to NBA camp…
..I will be okay…G-League-overseas once I graduate
..So proud to be an alum
(Nathan Mensah)..Center

..Decision to return..long thought out…not just about basketball
..It was like leaving a family if I left
..My family from Ghana…I have mentors here who have helped me
..Graduate school in business school…finish it in one year
..Came from prep school…travelled team..played alot of good teams to develop
..Learned alot about defensive game-learned to compete at college level
..Playing Division 1-big issue-the mental aspect…I had to learn to play experienced guys
..My defense is an A plus in college ball
..I was a C-offensive player
..Learning so much about offense…jump shot-moves either side of block.
..Playing against bigs in MWC…they taught how to get to a point on block
..I am settled at both ends of court
..Unique blend how they built the problem
..From my freshman year on…always had solid point guard and  guys with length
…Built profile guy they want
..Have to check off all the marks to be a player at this level on this team
..Defense is an inbred thing..mentally tough..learn play offense
..Brian Dutcher…got recruited by SDSU by playing in a Nike event
..Not cross paths with Brian Dutcher…would be still playing at another D-1 program
..Dutcher-gained so much…taught me life lessons..discipline..off the court
..Blood clot-came out of nowhere…
..Really scared about life..would I have a normal life
..Worried about breathing-not basketball
..I researched everything…talked to athletes who had the same problems
..Hurdle to come back….breathing…hi altitude…had to learn to cope with it
..How to breathe…more I played I think I learned to come back
..Sold myself I could do this
..I think great things every day…such a unique group…no ego-no selfishness…
..Collective positive attitude in this program-so different than other places
..No NCAA wins in tourney-it is a surprise-but we were not matured…
..First time-only 2-seniors but new guys were not ready
..Second year year…had to learn mentality with experience
..March Madness…you see big cameras..big lights..play big names…you have something to prove
..Former Aztecs always come back here..former players…they have showed us the way..
Darrion Trammel-Guard

Always knew about SDSU-wanted to stay here in So Cal
Transfer portal from Seattle U…within hours they called me
Felt immediately about relationship with coaches
Portal..take it slow…not rush into anything..grass not always greener other side
School reputation…hard nosed program..so impressive
Win power five games…heard alot about culture
People here genuine people..
They teach defense..be a lead guy…make you into a professional
Lots of constructive guidance
Played JUCO one year…was where Seattle U saw me play
Size don’t matter
Playing at SU was not easy…went there  and had  to get better
Conference  is very tough-alot of fans don’t know about WAC now
Not in conference with Gonzaga…but we in Seattle watched alot
Gonzaga big time program…hear about them
This roster…SDSU-our practices are crazy..push each other
We have big goals-we understand where we should be..and what we are
Fans at Viejas…everything you want
Schedule…very excicted…schedule…big stage …why would you go anywhere else
Been around pros and talked about environment and culture at SDSU

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