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Can somebody please tell why no one cares?  Cares about San Diego State football?

A decade of pretty good football under Brady Hoke and Rocky Long.  Some upset wins over of Pac 12 teams.  Bowl games.  Taking control of the Mountain West Conference from Boise State.

And no one seems to care.

The scoreboard does not lie.

Last year’s debut season at shiny new Snapdragon Stadium wasn’t very good.

Then in this year opener, just a shade over 16,000-fans on hand, including 5,000-free tickets to students, in a pretty electric win over Ohio University.

In what has to be viewed a desperation move, Athletic Director JD Wicker wrote an EMail to season ticket holders, asking them, no begging them, to bring friends so the team could fill up Snapdragon.

In the history of SDSU football, we had the electric run of Don Coryell at the Aztec Bowl, all those great throwing offenses and the quarterbacks.  SDSU actually outdrew the AFL-San Diego Chargers, but that was the 60s and 70s.

Along came the wild era of Marshall Faulk, Al Luginbill, the huge games with BYU, bowl game, and crowds of 48-51,000.  Featured in that span were the 51-51 tie with BYU and the 31-31 tie with USC.  When Faulk left, so did the fan support.

There have been some bad football seasons for sure, notably the Chuck Long era.  There have been years when there was discussion that maybe the school should drop football.

But it always  came back, but the fan support never did.

Basketball sells out at very high prices.  Football has not in a long, long time.

And now the AD is begging San Diego football fans to please come support the program.

The shocking aspect is there are over 150,000 SDSU graduates living now in a county of 3.5M people.  It is a vibrant campus with 42,000 students too.  The townspeople, the student body, don’t show up?

Why the apathy? Why the disinterest?  Why the disdain for good coaching and good kids?

Is it the mistake SDSU made opening the new stadium, the terrible pricing gauge?  Is it the affiliation with the Mountain West Conference-which few people respect?  Is it the non conference, non-sexy schedule?  Is it the inability to recruit what fans like to see, high octane offenses, quarterbacks and NFL type receivers?

Is there no respect for fierce defense?  No appreciation of special teams?  No linkage to wins and losses?

Do these people know that Hoke and Long have combined record of (120-63), and yet no one really shows up to support the team.

We lost our NFL team in 2017.  The Aztecs failed to capture the fancy of the community with their ad campaign ‘1-Team-1 City’.

Why is it this way?  What is wrong with the football fans in this city?

Somebody who refuses to go to games needs to explain to me..Why?


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