1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Aztecs Football-Wins But Disappointment”

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Aztecs Football-Disappointment”


They’re going to a Bowl game, backing into the parking space, losing 4-of their final 5-games of the season, including 2-home losses to pitiful conference teams.

It’s hard to call (7-5) disappointing, with another bowl game coming, but the home field losses to lowly UNLV-Hawaii seem numbing.

Coach Rocky Long says his team will take a long hard look at why the season finished the way it did. He was sullen, then he was combative, but overall he was disappointing.

His end of season quotes:


..Frustrated and disappointed not play well back half of season
..Coaches on road recruiting right now
..Next few weeks will do evaluation of how we run program
..Get back to doing what we have done to win

..Injuries-youth may have something to do with what happened.
..We did not get any better as season wore on
..We will look at off-season workouts-re-evaluate offense and defense
..Our recruiting has gone better the last couple of years

..Will talk to the seniors about what they feel about the year
..Each coach will evaluate his group and report back to me
..Getting to a lower bowl game is not good enough anymore
..We are a good program…we have to see if this is an aberration or a problem.

..Pick out statistics–you cloud the picture-our national stats are good
..You can take a stat and make it sound anyway you want
..Our defensive stats were pretty good
..Our offensive stats are down -we know…it might just be players
..You can slant the story anyway you want…
..10-11 win seasons don’t automatically happen
..Have to go looking for it-answers-

..We didn’t coach as well this year as we have in the past.
..We had new coaches-maybe they don’t know the system well enough

..Going for 2-point play in overtime on first series was the right thing to do
..We had right 2-point play called-but messed it up
..Felt sure we had momentum-that’s why I thought we’d win game

..Instant replay has done good job-rectifying mistakes.
..Refuse to question replay decisions….
..Didn’t get response from MWC on last time I had questions.

..Happy with effort of team this year
..Early one we took losses really hard
..We played as hard as we could the last two games.

..Team knows if we didn’t win-we might not go to bowl game
..We deserve to go to bowl game…we won 7-games…seniors deserve to go

..Losing key assistants Gonzalez-Hauck…we might not have won with them.
..You start to win in January with off season workouts
..We played a lot more freshman than we ever have before-very talented group
..We’ve lost our edge on our roster-lost our aggressiveness…
..We didn’t have any personal fouls-big hits ..we wound up being a different team

..We played a lot of freshman-they helped us win-didn’t worry about redshirting them
..Not very many of our team deserve conference recognition this year
..John Baron deserves special team player of year with kicking stats.


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