1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Baseball–If You Are Keeping Score at Home”

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‘Baseball-Keeping Score at Home’


The days on the calendar continue to be ripped away, and the clock is ticking, counting down the days running off to get some form of a baseball season and the playoffs in.

The Owners and Union are at odds over what players should be paid to play in a truncated season.

Between them, they have now exchanged four different proposals, and all talks are stalled about money.

The base argument, the owners and union agreed players would take a pro-rated share of their contracts for an 82-game season, as first proposed.  The owners left open, that if there were further issues about the ability to stage a season, talks would have to be reopened.

That issue was no fans in the stands, costing owners some 40% of their operating revenue this season, on top of the loss of at least half their TV revenues.

The union said “no”, they would not give back more money beyond the pro-rated share they initially agreed too.

At stake is not only players pay, but a 1B-expanded TV contract for playoffs, which have been expanded.  If the union won’t sign off on expanded playoffs, it likely kills the upgraded TV deal the owners want to share with the players.

That was followed by a 48-game owners proposal, which the union rejected, saying it would mean players would take another paycut playing a lesser schedule.

On Monday morning owners made another proposal to the players, as the clock ticks away.

Here’s what the owners proposed.  You be the judge”

..76-game schedule and expanded playoffs.
..Players get 75% of pro rated salary because of no fans in stands
..Players get expanded share of playoff TV contract-since no fans
..Expand playoffs by 2-more teams..meaning (16) teams get in.
..If postseason cancelled by outbreak-players give back 25%-salary
..Free Agency without draft pick compensation for one year
..No draft pick compensation for players offered Qualifying deals.
..Players sign ‘Risk waiver’ against Virus upon return to play
..Players keep 286,000-per man given as Advance in March
..Players get 1-full year towards free agency-arbitration
..Players stay on full medical health benefits
..Suspend Luxury Tax for 2020 season.

The only ‘no’ item to me is the ‘giveback’ clause if the playoffs are cancelled.  How can you expect players to give back 25% of the 75% earned, for games they already would have played.

Aside from that clause, the players should accept the deal.  This is only for 3-months, and you return to the full packages in the CBA agreement for the 2021-season.  They have been given advance money; they will get a chunk of salary for the 78-games played.  They get a full year towards free agency and arbitration which is huge.  Free agency will definitely have a different look next season, but there will be no draft pick compensation that has hindered movement in the past.

The teams are bleeding money, and the players need to take a chunk share of losses too.  No one is trying to screw the players.  They are just trying to have everyone assume some share of the losses.

Nobody is winning this deal.  Baseball stands to suffer significant financial losses, emotional distress, and a credibility hit,  if they don’t play, while the NFL-NBA-NHL-NASCAR-Indy Car-Formula 1-PGA-LPGA and NCAA relaunch.

Your response invited.  Waiting for the Union’s response too.


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