1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Baseball Playoffs-Pitching Woes”

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“Postseason Baseball-Pressure-Pitching Woes- Everywhere”


The off season has started for the Boston Red Sox.

Vacation is about to start either tonight or tomorrow for a couple of other teams.

All the excitement of getting to the postseason, has been rubbed off now, by big hits, big blowups, and a lot of players failing to get the job done.

Drama, lots of it, and even more disappointment, that’s what we’ve seen since the wildcard play-in games started a week ago tonight.

For every shining moment like a massive Aaron Judge home run, or his over the fence catch, there has been failure. For all the big strikeout pitching outings, there have been errors and walks and mistakes.

100-plus wins were fun to watch in season, but there has been amazing postseason show of failure.

The standard joke around baseball this week, was ‘who’s the most important player on your roster…maybe it’s your long releiver.

Check this out. In the history of post-season, have you ever seen so many starters get pulled,or get knocked out early, as what we have seen in the last week?

In Boston, their four starters Porcello-Fister-Pomerranz and Sale, threw a combined 11.1-innings and allowed 20-runs.

In Cleveland, aces Trevor Bauer and Corey Kluber went 4.1-innings and gave up 10-runs.

The Yankees are still alive, but the trio of Severino-Sabathia and Gray lasted 8.1 innings and were tagged for 10-runs.

Arizona had to fight their way in thru the wildcard road. Grienke-Ray-Walker threw 8.2 frames and gave up 12-runs.

Houston is moving into the ALCS, but even one of their starters, Brad Peacock, lasted just 2.2 innings giving up 3-runs.

Colorado neve survived the second inning of Jon Gray’s start, that was worth 1.1 inning and 4-runs.

And the run by Minnesota to postseason ended when Ervin Santana was laced for 4-runs in 2-innings.

Add it all up, more bad starts than good ones. Big names took big beatings because of big innings.

A total of 15-starts made by these pitchers. A combined 38-innings, allowing 63-runs.

In baseball math, these starters have a combined (14.92-ERA) at the most important time of the year.

You don’t need sabremetrics or formulas to understand how much pressure there is on the mound in postseason.

Excited to be in postseason? Be careful what you wish for. You fight to get in, you can knocked out pretty quick.

Just asked the 15-shellshocked starters, who did not make it thru the early innings of their starts..

October baseball is supposed to be about the best teams. How’s that (14.92) stat grab you?


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