1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Baseball’s New Rules-Making a Difference”

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“Baseball’s New Rules–Okay So Far”


2-weeks into the baseball season and we are tracking the new rules and how they impact MLB games.

Here’s a quick look at the number as we head into the third week of the season.

BAN ON SHIFT…There has not been one violation of the shift rule.  All infielders have remained on the infield dirt.  No one caught leaning to the wrong side of the bag.

PITCH CLOCK:…There have been 125-violations in the first 140-games played…85 pitchers have had a ball called on them for not making a pitch on time….Only 32-batters have had a strike called on them for not being set to receive a pitch….There have been 8-violations committed by catchers.

STOLEN BASES…Attempts are up 30% from the same time as last year, and 79%-of the attempts have been successful.

GAME LENGTH…Games have been reduced by 31-minutes from the first two weeks of a year ago.  Games are averaging (2:38) minutes this year.

BAN OF THE SHIFT….Last year the collective team batting averages over weeks 1-and-2 were (.232).  As we head to week three, the team BA’s are at (.249)

Small sample?  Yes.  But most everyone positive about the rule changes.


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