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“Baseball–New Rules–Changing Game”


Baseball is changing its game this year.

Trying to steal it back from the Harvard brainiacs, who have made metrics and analytics more important than box scores, lineup cards,  and balls and strikes.

It is a topic of conversation in every Cactus League and Grapefruit Circuit game being played this spring.

Baseball may see Aaron Judge break the Barry Bonds HR record this year.
I doubt we will ever see anyone beat Bob Gibson’s (1.12-ERA) record ever.

But the game has forever changed , not just from a talent level, but from a technology and strategy level.  And maybe not for the good.

But 101mph fastballs, launch angles, and closers will still be all so important in the game going forward.

Speed and pure hitting may become more important again in the game.

But baseball will have a different look starting opening day.

GOODBYE SHIFT…The smart guys designed the shift and it impacted the game in drastic fashion.  In the last two years, with the shift employed, batters hit a combined (.242).  The balls in play average over the last two years was (.292).  Big difference.  The best hitters in the game hitting (.242). Now there will be no loading one side of the infield.  No positioning shortstops playing in short right field.  2-fielders must be positioned on the infield dirt and 2-defenders must be on each side of 2nd base.  Goodbye (.242) batting averages now.  Guys will drive the ball thru the infield, Texas League fly balls will drop and the Baltimore chop will return.

PITCH CLOCKS…Slow workers like Julio Urias are already being challenged.  You have (:15) to make the pitch.  You fail to do that you get a ball called by the umpire.  The same for slow working closers.  No mas.

BATTERS BOX….No adjusting gloves every pitch.  You are allowed to step out of the box just one time.  You must be in the box at the (:08) mark otherwise it’s a strike called.  Talk about culture change.  I bet the Human Rain Delay (Mike Hargrove) would not be in favor of this.

PICK OFF MOVES…You get to make two tosses to first against potential base stealers.  The art of stealing is now back in the game so guys will be going alot. Look too for the threat of a steal screwing p a pitchers concentration since he already has to deal with the clock.  Looking for the next Rickey Henderson.

BIGGER BASES…They look like a Pizza Box and they seem so much bigger.  Bigger base for guys to slide into.  Bigger base so fielders might not get spiked. Bigger sacks to prevent over-sliding.  Does it help the offense or the defense more?  Only time will tell.

ON DECK CIRCLE…You have just (:30) to get from the circle to the batter’s box.  No time for pine tar, not much time for your walk up song.  Zero time to get the signs from that 3rd base coach.  Get in the box and hit.

ROBO UMPS…The electronic balls and strike equipment moves into AAA play this season, though umps will still be positioned to call out and safe, fair or foul. It worked in the lower minor leagues so now it moves to one step closer to the majors.  The umpires may not like it, but they brought this on with the erratic balls and strikes calls, and the ever changing strike zones we saw in 2022.  This may be a fight to move to the majors a year from now.

SCORECARD…Last year in the minors, with the new rules, games were reduced by 29-minutes and the players got used to the new systems quickly and spoke positively about the outcome.  In  the first weekend of spring training games, games that went (3:01) last spring, were played in (2:38).  Quite an improvement.

GHOST RUNNERS…MLB has now put it in as a permanent rule, and most everyone likes it.  There is added urgency now in the 10th inning, with a guy at second to start the inning.  Games take on an added dimension on the mound, in the field, at the plate.

DELIVERY…Pitchers will be allowed only one step forward or backward as they begin their motion.  No movement of the legs will be allowed.  Watch Mike Clevinger and Luis Garcia, with a history of rocking back and forth before they throw.  Now outlawed.  Will have to change their habits.

SCHEDULE…They have reduced divisional games, so the Padres won’t play the Dodgers and other NL-West teams 19 times each…reduced to 13-times, but there will be a series against each team in the league, some home-some road to balance the schedule out.

DESIGNATED HITTER…Plain and simple, would you rather have a Nelson Cruz (459HR) in his career in your lineup, or a pitcher batting 9th, knowing pitchers batting averages two years ago in the NL were (.092)?  End of discussion.  Most everyone likes seeing the DH get his cuts.

POSITION PLAYER PITCHING…New rule kicks in allowing to use a position player only in the 9th inning if you are down by 8-runs or more, or in the 10th inning.  No one likes blowouts.  Last year position players took the mound 139-times in blowout games.

Faster games,  more offense, challenges to the defense.  All positive things going towards opening day.  It will look different, feel different early in the season, but it should be good for baseball.  And when was the last time you felt good about anything the Commissioner’s office ruled on baseball?


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