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“Big Stories-Big Background Stories”


An interesting couple of days in sports and the stories behind the stories.  There is more to life than the NFL-NBA-MLB-NHL.  Let me connect the dots for you::

..The story is now off the track, the health and deaths of so many horses, whether it is the 12-that died in 30-days at Churchill Downs, or the 5-that perished at Belmont Park, including 2-more right after the Belmont Stakes.  I think track surfaces need to be re-examined by engineers, in addition to the medical protocol of past injuries, medical exams, workout schedules and the track record of trainers whose horses broke down.  We had the bad run at Santa Anita a couple of years ago, 20-horses perished, and then at Delmar.  Problems have exploded again.

..Details still to be worked out but it appears there will be a bonus structure and there will be discipline for the golfers who stayed and those who left to take the money in Saudi Arabia.  The PGA is proposing that the Rory McIlroys of the world, who rejected offers, will be given equity and bonus money from the newly formed Marketing venture the two groups will operate.  And there is a push that the Phil Mickelson’s of the world, who violated their tour card by leaving, will either be fined or have to pay an entrance fee to rejoin the Tour.  Stay tuned for that.  Mickelson was hit with a Trademark lawsuit by a South American marketing firm for using  a ‘Hi-Flyers’ logo on his LIV team gear that the company has used to sell skateboarding gear since 2000.

..It’s exploding, whether it’s Lionel Messi signing with Inter-Miami of MLS…or the 500M-expansion fee to be paid by the San Diego group getting an expansion franchise.  Add on what Manchester City just did, winning the trebel trophy, the Champions League, in addition to the English Premier League trophy and the FA Cup crown.  And just think soccer free agency is about to start and Team USA starting training for the 2026-World Cup.  Soccer in the spotlight.

..Is it good if one team dominates?  It’s like yesteryear with the Yankees in baseball.  Team Red Bull, led by superstar driver Max Verstappen, has won all 6-F1 races this spring in convincing fashion.  Now of course, Team Mercedes dominated in a 7-year span with their superstar Lewis Hamilton.  But the sport is lopsided, hardly anyone else has a chance to win.  The TV ratings are exploding, the fans continue to buy volumes of tickets to party and watch, but the sports isn’t very competitive.  Cost controls are still an issue between the haves and have notes.  Stay tuned, things will change.

..Fast cars, fist fights, wrecks, it’s all part of what made the ‘Good Ole Boys’ so popular as stock car racing went from a Deep South phenomena to a national sport with a huge following.  We have seen so much unruliness this year, intentional wrecks, confrontations on the track, fights in the pits, you wonder in NASCAR will get some of this under control.  It’s dangerous and a bad look.  But it excites fans.  Ross Chastain has become the modern day villan, like Dale Earnhardt-Senior was two decades ago, and Cale Yarbrorough of years prior.

TENNIS..Novak Djokovic wins his 23rrd Grand Slam event, the French Open, bypassing the legends.  He is the last of the old lions still playing.  There is no Nadal or Federer, injuries ending their careers..  Serena Williams has left.  Carlos Alcaraz may become the next superstar post Djokovic.  Iga Swiatek has shown some dominance.  The big issue, is there an American coming that will be a difference maker in the future?

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