1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Chargers–Black Monday”

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The Chargers are looking for their 15th head coach in the 36-years the Spanos family has owned the struggling franchise.

Anthony Lynn was given four years and the trajectory the last two seasons was pointed downward.  The man was overwhelmed by the job.

It doesn’t matter which metric you want to use, this could not go on.

..Lynn (33-31) record
..Chargers (12-21) last two years
..Chargers 22-losses by 1-TD or less
..Losses by 29-31-45 points
..Blown leads of 13-16-16-17-21 in losses this season
..Losing streaks of 3-3-3-3-4 in four seasons
..Losing stretches of (1-7)..(1-6)..(1-5) last two seasons

..12 Missed kicks this season…field goals and PATs
..3-blocked punts-or field goals this year
..Last in kick return coverage this year (27YPK)
..Last in punt coverage this year (15YPR)

The decision making…the game management…the crucial play calls were terrible and have been for years.  The special teams were a disgrace virtually all 4-years Lynn was the head coach.

Thank goodness the Bengals-Jaguars-Falcons were on the schedule, or this might have been a (2-14) season or worse.

The Chargers know what they have for next season, a sparkling rookie season from Justin Herbert, coming off his (4,336P-31TD-10Int-67%-98R) rookie season.

On paper they have the accomplishments of RB-Austin Ekeler..100-catch WR-Keenan Allen..WR-Mike Williams and the kids Jaylen Guyton and Tyron Johnson.

They have 3-veteran OL they were not able to keep on the field because of injuries.

The defense is a mess of injuries, from Joey Bosa to Derwin James, Melvin Ingram to Kyzer White-Dru Tranquil.

The kicking game was Jekyyl-Hyde and cost the team dearly the last two years, if not all four seasons of Lynn-Ball.

It is a roster of talent, but a roster with a bad injury history.  17-of the top 22-players on the team suffered significant injuries, from Mike Pouncey’s neck surgery to Joey Bosa’s two concussions in the final 8-weeks of the season.

Where do they go to replace Anthony Lynn?

There are names in ‘neon lights’ like Urban Meyer or Eric Bienemy or Josh McDaniels.  This becomes an enticing job because of the Justin Herbert factor.

Meyer is a control freak and has walked away from jobs at Florida-Ohio State.  Bienemy has earned this opportunity, but like the others who failed the Bolts, he is a coordinator but has not called plays.  McDaniels comes off the Patriots Bill Belichick-tree, and failed in Denver, walked out on the Colts…and is in the shadow that 8-of-10 Belichick assistants failed other places.

There are rock solid NFL coaches of past success like Bill Cowher, Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano. Cowher has been out of coaching a long time but would bring enormous credibility in defense and special teams.  Caldwell did well in Indianapolis and Detroit before injuries wiped out his quarterbacks.  Pagano was beloved with the Colts, with few players to work with and a bad owner.  Add in Jason Garrett in Dallas with more to come.

So the Bolts will have lots to choose from…but they had this before and wound up with Mike McCoy and Anthony Lynn so you have to question the decision making ability of the people doing interviews.

If I were king, I would keep the offensive staff in place, the Pep Hamilton-Shane Stiechen duo to keep continuity with the kid QB-Herbert.

I would look at an offensive mind to be head coach.

I would hire a proven coach with a big time defensive resume to fix that side, and maybe even consider bringing in a Jeff Fisher-Wade Phillips type to coordinate a new look defense.

Some track record as they begin interviews for their 15th head coach in 36-years.  They have had 14-winning seasons in those 36-seasons.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos put it succinctly about the NFL being a “results driven business” in detailing why Anthony Lynn had to go.

“Results driven business” for everyone except the 3-Spanos family members atop the organizational chart.

Dean-AG-John…quoting the legendary Bill Parcells.

“You are what your record says you are”

Congrats Los Angeles.  You lose.


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