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I’ve walked down this road before and have always seen how this ends, badly for the coach,

I’ve seen it happen time and again, as the losses pile up, the coach becomes defiant and goes after the media, with critical responses, snide remarks, and questioning the football intelligence of the people asking the questions.

And so the Chargers are revisiting another coaching crisis, in the midst of the promising football season burning to the ground.

What’s going on in Los Angeles right now is no different than what happened here in San Diego.

The Spanos family led franchise has had just 13-winning seasons in now 35-years, a nice track record.  And now another ‘hot coordinator-head coach’ looks as if he is going down.

Brandon Staley’s nasty-defiant responses to the media in Green Bay on Sunday are typical what we have seen before.  How dare you question what I am doing.  I am in command and I believe in the system, the playbook, the play calls etc etc etc.

Staley came with accolades.  A protege of Sean McVay, who won a Super Bowl with the Rams.  A bright light guy with a dynamic personality.  Intelligent and deep thought answers in press conferences as compared to the rest of the NFL-robo responses in a CIA atmosphere press briefing.  Now all that has changed.

Is the problem Staley’s defense?  Is it the system?  Is it the player’s intelligence?  Is it the wrong type of player on the roster?

The Bolts are (4-6), beset by injuries, and not very good against the good teams in the league.  They had 31-sacks heading into the Packers game, but 15-of them came against the God-awful Raiders and Bears.  They are (0-4) against the elite teams they have played.

They put up big offensive numbers with Justin Herbert on the field.  When the defense is on the field, they give it all back.

In an NFL of big plays, look at these ‘chunk play numbers’.

The Bolts offense 104-plays of Plus 10-yards.
The opposition has 132-plays of Plus 10-yards.
The Bolts with 39-plays of Plus 20-yards.
The opposition has 47-plays of Plus 20-yards.

The staggering array of big plays late in games is the reason this team loses so many games.

We had the opening season loss to Miami, with all those massive pass plays involving QB-Tua Tagovailoa.  It’s never gotten better since then.  Look at what the Detroit Lions did to them two weeks ago, a (452Y) array of chunk plays.

Even in Green Bay, the Packers kept hitting big pass plays all over the field, when they weren’t screwing up the routes.  Even struggling QB-Jordan Love recorded his first 300-yard passing game surrounded by his rookie wide receiver group.

And Staley has the audacity to get angry at questions from the media about his system, player breakdowns and the non-stop deluge of pass interference calls and personal foul flags.

But this is not just about the head coach.

John Spanos and Tom Telesco, who run football operations, have given their coaches enough talent to go (83-89) in the decade they have been acquiring players.

And Dean Spanos and family, have run thru a hot list of hires who flamed out.
You do remember the ‘flavor of the month’ hot coordinators who came to San Diego and to LA, and have gotten fired.

Spanos hired Dan Henning, Kevin Gilbride, Mike Riley, Mike McCoy, Anthony Lynn.  Here today, gone tomorrow, never to be a head coach again.

This keeps happening and happening to the point you can now link Dean Spanos to the other embarrassments of ownership like the Bill Bidwills, Mike Browns, the McCaskeys and even the last couple of decades of the Al-Mark Davis Black Hole ownership.

NFL fans left behind when the ‘1st Family of Football’, the Spanos family, betrayed 55-years of loyalty by moving from San Diego to LA, really enjoy watching the Chargers on TV.  But it’s hate watching now, not fans cheering watching TV.

Hard to believe a universal talent like Justin Herbert is (29-31) quarterbacking this mess.

Instead of Brandon Staley talking down to the LA Times, Orange County Register, and Athletic beat writers covering the team, maybe he should redirect his anger towards his team or the team’s front office.

And if this year is bad, think about next year when they are projected to be some 60M over the salary cap, and will have to shed veterans making big money from a roster that always underachievers.

He won’t do that for sure, blame anybody on his staff or in his own house..

Guess we’ll just have to wait till next weekend’s ass-kicking by the 1st place Baltimore Ravens when they face the last place AFC-West Chargers.

Or wait till the next firing and the next Spanos hiring.


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