1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Tuesday “Chargers—-Reality and Raw Emotion”

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“Chargers Football…Reality & Raw Emotion”


You saw it, we all saw it, those of us who cover the Chargers, follow the Chargers, love the Chargers or hate the Chargers.

You saw it, this horrific (5-11) season of turnovers, injuries and underachievemnt.

We also saw what happened in the post game press conference, their heart and soul leader, quarterback Philip Rivers, choked up with emotion making comments after the last game of the season, and possibly his last game ever wearing the Lightning Bolt on his helmet.

Rivers, nearly brought to tears, discussing the frustration of losing, the struggles with turnovers, crushed by the pressure of being a winner but no longer able to produce the way this star quarterback has in the past.

Never once did I ever think that Philip Rivers would be talking about leaving, playing for someone else, or wearing someone else’s jersey next season.

But this is where we are at this point, after his 23-touchdown…23-turnover season.

A season stained by 7-turnovers in the red zone-end zone this year.

A season where fans wearing the enemies colors, Silver & Black (Raiders)…Green & Gold (Packers)….Purple (Vikings)….Black and Gold (Steelers) over-ran the stadium in Carson taking away the designation ‘home game’ on the Chargers schedule

A season crippled by losses to a Steelers team with a 3rd string street free agent quarterback; a loss to an injury ravaged Raiders team that could not score touchdowns; a loss to a rookie QB-Drew Lock-who had never played in Denver.

Add in, they should have lost to the Colts on opening day if kicker Adam Vinatieri hadn’t missed 3-kicks.  Should have lost too to the Bears if Eddie Piniero doesn’t miss a chip shot kick at the end of the game.

Look at the Chargers roster this season, all this talent.  Realize they could have been–should have been (3-13) rather than the sickening (5-11) they finished up at.  What a gross thought.

Add on to the disaster infront of us.  It was just not Rivers’ 20-interceptions and 3-lost fumbles.  It was the Melvin Gordon fatal holdout that wiped out 6-weeks of contributions.  The devastating injuries along the offensive line.  The sickness that nearly claimed Russell Okung.  The loss of Derwin James for two thirds of the season.  The loss of a starting cornerback, the drug suspension of another.  The knee injury that ate up half the season of the tight end.

It was misery upon misery, all that piled on top of the guy who is supposed to carry the franchise, Philip Rivers.

So now we have the exit meetings for the players, Monday and Tuesday.

There will likely be coaching changes to Anthony Lynn’s staff.

Doubtful there will be any front office changes, not to President John Spanos’ job, or AG Spanos as CEOs of this dreary mess.

And surely nothing happens to Dean Spanos, architect of the 1st Family of Football with another last place finish attached to the family resume.

Philip Rivers left it all on the field every Sunday.  He bared his heart and left his emotions at the podium for everyone to see after the last game loss in Kansas City.

There is no hope for this franchise if they let that quarterback go.
Rivers has been the beacon of football competence on this franchise run by so many family incompetents.

Quality person…quality player.  He deserves better than this, to have his career end this way.

Chargers football finishes (5-11), reality and raw emotion, right infront of us to see.


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